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             10 June, 2023

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3 Depression Alternative Treatments You Should Consider

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2007-11-21 05:55:49     
Article by Steven P. Ross

Depression alternative treatments have become popular, because of one simple fact. There are 21 million people suffering from depression in the world today, and less and less are experiencing progress with traditional depression treatments. In this article, I will offer three depression alternative treatments that you should be aware of, so you can make the best decision for the treatment of your depression.

Two standard treatments for depression deal with a combination of medications and psychotherapy. Medications are used to help the body restore its natural chemical balance, as well as to stimulate the release of certain chemicals which have been associated with causing happiness. Psychotherapy is used to get to the root and cause of the depression, so strategy is can be made to manipulate the root problem so it no longer causes your depression. However, these are not your only two options. Let's look at some depression alternative treatments.

Acupuncture is currently rising in popularity as a form of treatment for depression. This is mostly used by those who suffer from moderate or mild depression, and many patients have reported relief from the symptoms associated with these depressions. Basically, pressure is applied to different points on the body, with the goal to release blocked energy in the body, especially energies associated with depression.

In addition, acupuncture has shown that it stimulates the release of endorphins, which have both a calming effect, as well as helping the patient's mood to be elevated.

The second option is used as an alternative for medication. Instead of using synthetic medication, the patient uses herbal therapy, to help correct chemical disturbances in the body. This form of treatment has become especially popular in Europe. In fact, the British Medical Journal recently published a report stating that one specific type of herbal treatment -- St. John's wort -- worked just as well as traditional prescription medications for antidepressants, but without any side effects.

The third option is a specific type of therapeutic treatment, known as cognitive behavioral therapy. Everybody has generalized thoughts which make up their core beliefs. The theory is that damage core beliefs are what are causing your depression. And by being able to repair damage core beliefs, you will change your negative behavior responses associated with them. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been used for years as a therapeutic technique, but only more recently to deal specifically with depression.

In conclusion, I have given you three depression alternative treatments to consider.

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