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Depression Counselor - How to Find a Good Depression Counselor

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2007-11-21 05:55:22     
Article by Steven P. Ross

If you suffer from depression, you need the proper treatment. Oftentimes, this means consulting with a professional. However, not all health professionals are equal, and even a good one might not be a good match for you. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to go about locating a depression counselor who is best equipped to help treat you.

Different therapists work good for different people. This is because there are so many wide variety of techniques to help treat depression, that it would be impossible for one depression counselor to be an expert in all these areas. This means that different therapists offer different expertise, in specific areas relating to depression.

In addition, the rapport you have with your therapist is almost as important as the therapy techniques they use. If you don't trust your therapist, like your therapist, and respect your therapist, then even if they offer the best treatment in the world, you will not act upon it. This means not only do you have to find a therapist who is expert in dealing with your specific type of depression, you have to find one you have a good rapport with.

The best way to find a good depression counselor is to start with the right variety of choices, and get an initial consultation with each. This means you can locate one Counselor from the yellow pages in the phone book, get a recommendation a referral from your friend, and use the Internet to locate another depression counselor. This way you have three different options to choose from, from three different sources.

Oftentimes, they good depression counselor will not charge for an initial meeting, because this will be used as an evaluation to determine if they can actually assist you and your needs. There are exceptions -- some therapists are so good that they don't have time to take any more patients, so they don't offer a free initial consultation. But typically, most good depression counselors care more about helping others, than they do making money. So, they will allow an initial consultation to determine if they can actually help you, before they consider taking you as a patient.

Another way to assure you make the right choice, is to familiarize yourself with the different types of therapy that are out there. This way, when you go to look for different counselors to contact for an initial consultation, you have an idea of the type of treatment they might offer you. Some types of treatment to look into are cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis, hypnosis, family therapy, and alternative means of treatment.

In conclusion, I have given you some tips on how to find a good depression counselor.

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