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             08 June, 2023

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Why Many People Stll Prefer Fine French Wines Over All Others

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2007-11-17 04:05:18     
Article by Gregg Hall

France has an ideal climate for producing wine, couple that with perfect soil conditions and availability of water and you have the best location in the world for wine production. With thirteen different regions that grow many different kinds of grapes, is it no wonder that France is teeming with vineyards and wineries?

When most people think of wine, French wine will automatically come to mind. Even many of the names of wines are from the regions that they originated from in France. Burgundy and Champagne are two wines that everyone will recognize that were created in those regions of France. I am sure that many more come to mind as well if you are a wine lover.

Making wine is a time-honored tradition in France. For hundreds of years, it was produced and consumed by peasants all over the country. Obviously, the French have learned a thing or two about creating wine over the course of all that time. Many will swear that French wines are the best wines in all the world and few will disagree.

Many wine lovers will choose French wines over any other. The choices are almost endless for French wine including within the same wine types. For example, if you test two Burgundy wines from two different vineyards you will experience variations in the aroma, taste, and even the texture of the wine. These variations and infinite possibilities are what give French wine its fine reputation.

True French wines are some of the best wines in the world. One way to tell a true French wine is by the label. New world wines list the ingredients on the bottle label while the French still label their old world wines with the location it was produced. This ancient way of labeling their wines has left a touch of romance in French wine production.

French wines have been stars in the wine world for hundreds of years. Everything from the standard Burgundy wine to the very classiest Champagne is created in France. Price ranges begin at a few dollars a bottle so everyone can afford to try French wines. For true wine lovers, there are rarer versions to be had. Of course, the older or more rare the wine is, the price will be higher accordingly.

Needless to say, when you taste a true French wine you will know the difference. The world's finest grapes grown in the ideal conditions help to create wines with the aroma and tastes of no other wines. The difference is the emphasis on quality from the grapes themselves to the traditional process that creates the wine. These are just a few of the reasons so many still prefer French wines above all others.

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