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             23 February, 2020

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Your Money Has Been Snatched From You Without Your Knowledge!

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2007-11-17 04:01:41     
Article by Nicole Anderson

How would you react if you were told that you money has been taken from you without your knowledge? Do not be surprised for it is true. 8 out of 9 individuals today do not know about unclaimed money. And I am here to help

Millions and millions of individuals are owed money but have no idea of the same. The sum owed runs into billions of dollars.

Want to know what is the truth? The money is the nation's unclaimed money.

So how does unclaimed money come into existence? Unclaimed money comes into existence from many places. These include Old checking accounts, Forgotten savings accounts, forgotten utility deposits, unknown inheritances, ignored insurance payments, forgotten Stocks, bonds and dividends, uncashed Child support or alimony checks, uncashed Tax refunds or Uncashed paychecks

When people shift residences, they invariably forget to close accounts before they leave. This money lies dormant and becomes unclaimed money. When your debtor does not have the correct contact information and has not heard from you for three years or more, he or she is compelled by law to hand over the money to the state or federal agencies as unclaimed money.

Now, the agency gets hold of your money but has no means of informing you of the same. It issues advertisements in newspapers and hopes that the owner would read the same. However, this method rarely works. The end result is that the government holds your money as its own.

How to search for your money? You will have to search unclaimed money database. Each state has its own database. If you search state wise, you will have to search more than fifty databases. Rather, search in an "All Inclusive Database", which will provide faster results. Searching such a database would make your task a lot easier.

Some tips to find your unclaimed money

Do not make the mistake of searching under your name only. Many unclaimed money accounts are reported under a variation of the legal name. Patrick Jones may be listed as Pat Jones or P. Jones. Search as widely as possible.

However, merely searching for legal variations will not do. There are many instances where the names have been misspelled. Patrick Jones may be listed as Partick Jones or Patrick Jonse. Now it is impossible to think up of all the spelling mistakes that could have been made. To overcome this problem, search in a database that offers Name Match Technology. Such a database will search for not just your name but for slight variations of your name as well.

When you are searching for money owed to you, do not be selfish and stop there. Go ahead and search for your friends and family as well. With 8 out of 9 unaware of the problem, you ought to do your bit to spread the awareness.

Merely searching for the money owed to you and stopping there makes no sense at all. Go ahead and recover the money. Only then will the exercise bear fruit. Claiming your money is not very difficult. Just fill in your claim and provide proof of identification and wait for your check.

Nicole Anderson offers detailed information about the problem unclaimed money at http://www.cashunclaimed.com
The database of cashunclaimed.com includes information from the state as well federal databases. The website offers unlimited search to the members. A free money search to locate your missing money is possible today.

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URL: http://www.cashunclaimed.com
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