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Costa Rica Real Estate - 8 Tips For Finding Your Dream Home

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2007-11-12 00:29:36     
Article by Christine Abbate

As we continue to hear all the excitement and see the overwhelming attraction to Costa Rica grow, not only as a wonderful vacation and tourist spot, but also as it races up many lists to become the number one real estate investment location in the world, one can't help but be intrigued and want to know more. More and more people are seeking vacation homes, retirement homes, rental homes, and even full time homes in beautiful, exotic Costa Rica. It's a tropical country - What's not to love?!

Shopping for real estate in Costa Rica can be challenging from your current location, so here are a few tips that will help you select the perfect Costa Rican dream home for you!

1. The most important thing is to make sure you get to see up-to-date photos of what the interior and exterior of the home currently looks like. If there are no photos available, then you should keep looking. Also, don't go strictly by brochures and guide books-they could be very outdated. There's no saying when those photos were taken. Luckily, most Real Estate agents are very accommodating in producing current photos of houses.

2. Make a list for yourself of the amenities that are absolutely necessary, and those that you would simply enjoy, but aren't really deal-breakers. Keep that list handy while evaluating possible real estate. This will help you easily eliminate the homes that do not fit your needs.

3. Once you've selected a few prospect homes, call the owners personally. This will give you the opportunity to speak with them directly, which may impact your final decision. You might learn that they have nearby amenities you didn't know about before and would very much enjoy. Or you may find out that the nearest town with restaurants and shopping is an hour away... all things you'd want to learn about before making a final choice.

4. Go check it out for yourself! Costa Rica is a short plane ride from the States. One visit will be all it takes before you and your family will want to have a piece of land for yourselves. Find a nice hotel near the area you are considering and spend a few days personally visiting each location. There are so many factors at play- unless you go see it for yourself you may end up with an unpleasant surprise! Visiting Costa Rica to view the piece of real estate is very important and will give you a chance to learn the language while building trust between you and your realtor and lawyer.

5. While you're there, make friends with your neighbors! They may be able to fill you in on some less commonly known secrets of the area- like an amazing restaurant most people don't know about, or the best place to go dancing!

6. When purchasing real estate in Costa Rica, it is pertinent to find a licensed broker to help negotiate prices while educating you about available financing options. You will also want to make sure that your beautiful piece of Costa Rica real estate has the legitimate title for liens, the status and ownership documents, and surveys to confirm the property's full size. It is worth your time and patience to visit Costa Rica's Land Title Office in Zapote, near San Jose; to confirm your purchase of Costa Rican real estate.

7. As in the States, you will need to hire a lawyer to draft a transfer deed of the Costa Rica real estate to confirm the transfer of ownership from seller to buyer. Additional fees are to be expected.

8. There are a few books that focus on real estate in Costa Rica. Bill Baker's wrote "The Rules of the Game: Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica." Also, Alvaro Carballo wrote "Purchasing Real Estate in Costa Rica."

Beach Club Costa Rica http://www.beachclubcostarica.com

We realize that everyone's real estate acquisition goals may be a bit different- Some may be looking for a vacation home, retirement possibilities, rental income, resale, and more. Whatever your goals or dreams, our knowledgeable team will aid you in finding the perfect investment match to fit your investment and life goals while making your dreams come true.

We not only invest in Costa Rica, we LIVE in Costa Rica. We raise our family in Costa Rica. Therefore, it is extremely important to us to make sure we only represent projects that are developing mindfully. Part of the beauty of living in, or visiting Costa Rica is the RAW nature and incredible wildlife that still exists here. Our goal is to support projects and efforts that work towards ensuring that the Costa Rica we love today remains for generations to come.

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