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The Real Deal on Alliance Bernstein 529 Plans

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2007-11-11 18:32:37     
Article by Francisco Segurata

If you ever once dreamed of become an architect, a doctor, a nurse, an engineer, a lawyer, or many other things, you would probably know that a college degree or better is needed to make these dreams possible. All over the world and all over America, many families try making dreams into reality by sending family members to college. This is not so easy however, especially in the United States. College education in the United States is quite expensive and most families of average means cannot afford it out right. Thus solutions like these plans have been made available in the hope that more Americans will save up for college and help in the building of their nation and perhaps even the advancement of the human race.

Section 529 of the United States Internal Revenue Code is the law that allows plans like alliance bernstein 529 plans to be possible. 529 plans also get their name from this code. Section 529 plans (legally called "qualified tuition plans") like the one Alliance Bernstein offers allow anyone to invest money for college with tax advantages provided by the federal government and most individual states. Some plans, such as most prepaid plans, are accepted within the host state only while others are accepted in almost every college and university in the United States. These are of the later type, being based in the state of Rhode Island but being available all throughout the United States and being accepted in almost all American colleges and universities.

Alliance bernstein 529 plans, also known as CollegeBoundfund (just one word, with the "fund" part italicized) is one of he most popular 529 plans in the entire United States. It is marked by the good balance of low rates, wide options, good returns, and good stability of investments offered. Alliance bernstein 529 plans is managed and endorsed by Alliance Bernstein Funds, a well respected mutual funds managing company. The plans has very high ratings and reviews from investment trade groups and plan subscribers alike. There are many reasons for their high ratings. One is their high maximum contribution limit- the highest among the top 5 qualified tuition plans providers in the United States, at $301,000 per beneficiary. Another is their competitively low minimum amount for opening an account, which is set at $50. Automatic investment is also possible at a modest $50 per month and with 15 choices of investments available.

Alliance bernstein 529 plans are well regarded for their Principal-Protected Income Portfolio, which has been shown to consistently provide strong returns on investment. Alliance Bernstein Funds usually invests Principal-Protected Income Portfolio in mutual funds and the foreign exchange market as well other conservative investments as Alliance Bernstein Funds money managers see fit.

Rhode Island residents are also offered additional benefits when they choose CollegeBoundfund as their 529 plan. They are given even lower rates than the already competitive rates offered to non-Rhode Island residents. A small drawback is that most of the options take a relatively long period to mature. However, planning for college is something that must be done well ahead of time, so this should not be much of a problem.

For more info on CollegeBoundfund, more info is available online. However, it is always advisable to seek the advice of an attorney or a tax advisor knowledgeable in you local state laws concerning qualified tuition plans before choosing a 529 plan.

Visit http://www.529plansforprofit.com

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