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             14 May, 2021

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WoW Gold Guide

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2007-11-08 06:12:11     
Article by Sam Bateman

There is much time spent, well wasted, on the internet trying to find great tips for getting more gold in World of Warcraft. There are a lot of sites that offer this information for free, but if it is free, it is not near in depth enough to benefit much. A lot of people resort to actually buying the gold, but that is not worth it at all. You spend a bunch of money on not a whole lot of gold and before you know it, you have blown through all of the gold you purchased.

The whole gold making process can be rather frustrating at first. One look in the auction house can really dishearten a beginner. It is tough to see all these items worth so much gold, when you were happy with a few silver pieces just a moment ago.

Perhaps the simplest form of obtaining gold for a beginner to understand is farming. This can take quite a while at low levels, well it can take a long time at all levels, but it is especially tough at lower levels. One great way for a lower level to farm gold is killing the Defias mobs around Defias Windmill. There are tons around the area, and they respawn very rapidly.

At lower levels, it is best to try to pick up as much as you can carry. Some items end up selling to the vendor for a decent amount; well decent compared to everything else you are receiving at that level. Nothing will be worth much, but over time this can help quite a bit, or atleast get you enough gold to buy a bigger bag and start the process again.

You should definitely familiarize yourself with the auction house and how it works. It is open to all players at all levels, except for the people on a free trial. There is massive potential to make an infinite amount of gold just buying and reselling at the auction house. The more familiar you are with the auction house, the better. There are tons of small things that most people wouldn't even think of, such as when is the best time to bid on items and when is the best time to list items.

If you would like to learn all of the ins and outs of making gold, then you should consider purchasing a gold making guide. In order to find out which guide is the best for your money you should read brutally honest reviews and side by side comparisons of the top WoW Gold Guide

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