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             08 April, 2020

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Secrete- Of Successful Negotiation

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2007-10-30 05:57:11     
Article by Naveen Kumar Shelar

There was a time when I hesitate to negotiate because I was green. Now negotiation is "FUN" for me because I know what I am doing. Now I believe "everything is negotiable". But don't be mistaken it is a child game. You should learn the art of negation.

Here I bring secrete of successful negotiation which I have discovered over the years.


First you should know what you want to achieve. Like before starting your car you should know where you want to end up.


Always gather the basic information / Knowledge about the subject-before commencing negotiations. You can not negotiate unless you are willing to challenge the validity of the fact of opponent.


If you will start "I am new to this", "I don't know" "you have great knowledge", "thanks for educating me". You will find opponent try to rush in to help you out. And he will reveal the fact/knowledge which he wants to cover.


Listen 70 percent of the time and talk only 30 of time. When you listen carefully enough, you may discover the true motives of opponent, and the rock bottom deal may get out form opponent mouth.


If you can read the mind of your opponent it means you hit the road. You should analysis how much desperate opponent is for closing his deal? What pressure he is caring to close the deal? This will help you to mold him according to your wish.


Make the opponent impatient by asking for what he wants and then refusing to take "No" for an answer. In this situation he will come up with new deal, now this is the time you should ask "why" I should accept this deal. This will again compel him to give you the best deal.


If you will purpose something for closing the deal it may possible you could have get the best form your opponent.

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