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             25 September, 2021

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Bed Liner Spray For Your Truck

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2007-10-29 07:20:32     
Article by Al Bullington

Bed liner spray is the most popular way to line truck beds. A spray on pickup bed liner is sprayed on the bed and becomes a permanent coating for the truck bed. Most often the bed liner spray is applied professionally, but material is out there for application by the truck owner.

Two big names in spray on bed liners are Line-X and Rhino Coatings. There is probably a franchisee close to where you live. Both make durable attractive finishes. Line-X finishes are smoother in texture. Rhino offers several different finish options.

A spray in bed liner can usually be finished in two or three hours. So it's usually a one day turn-around time. Rhino Coatings and Line-X both advertise their finishes as environmentally friendly, since the materials are 100 percent solids.

Whether you hire someone to apply your bed liner spray or do it yourself, masking of the bed is very important. The bed liner spray material is meant to really stick and be hard to remove. So you don't want overspray and spray drift ending up all over your truck. Overspray can be removed, but better not to get it there in the first place.

The bed liner spray on material available to us to apply ourselves is usually described as polyurethane. So it's a tough paint material with some kind of texture in it. Different manufacturers recommend different spray equipment. Some recommend an undercoating gun. Others suggest a particular nozzle. Whatever product you choose, check the recommendations.

Another option is a roll on bed liner. Coatings designed for roll on are available. My sons just installed a roll on bed liner in our old family truck. The bed liner looks almost as good as my neighbor's Line-X! The only problem is it makes the rest of my truck look bad!

Be warned. An inexpensive roll on bed liner might cost you a new paint job. You'll want to make the rest of your truck look as good as the new bed!

Are you ready to put a bed liner in your truck? I know you have a lot of choices.

Especially if you want to do it yourself, visit www.bedlinerfortrucks.com to start on that new-looking truck bed!

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