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             27 September, 2023

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The Value of Virtual Memorials

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2007-10-20 15:26:24     
Article by Jamie Sue Austin

Funeral arrangements are difficult enough on their own. Many of the decisions you will make will have to reflect not only the needs and wants of the deceased, but the needs and wants of other members of the family. Constant phone calls, millions of tiny details, and the added stress of visiting friends and family sometimes make it difficult to take time to actually remember your loved one. But, after the chaos dies down and there is time to reflect on the life and legacy of a loved one. There are many ways to preserve the memory of someone who has past away. The most universal way of memorializing a loved on in the western world is to hold a funeral and place a headstone at the grave site. Beyond this there are worlds of options from memorial plaques and gardens to special trusts and charities set up in honor of the loved one. For some, the time and expense of creating and maintaining a memorial outstrips the desire to memorialize a loved one. For these individuals a virtual memorial offers the perfect solution.

What is a virtual memorial?

A virtual memorial is a special place on the internet dedicated just to your loved one. Virtual memorials can be created to honor anyone's memory. They can be tasteful, elegant, beautiful, and still convey the values, interests, and personality of the deceased.

Who would benefit from a virtual memorial?

Most people would benefit from the process of creating a virtual memorial. A virtual memorial gives you a way to convey all your thoughts and feelings about your loved one in the way that you want. Virtual memorials allow you to express your individual feelings about your loved one. You do not have to worry about what other friends, family, or associates might think of your tribute. It is a special way for you to honor the life of the deceased. With a virtual memorial you can share the entire life story of a loved one in a way that funerals and headstones can not. By creating a virtual memorial you can also help work through your feelings of grief in a positive and constructive manner. Sharing your story about how your loved one touched your life can help others as well.

Virtual memorials are easy and inexpensive.

Unlike a traditional website a virtual memorial is easy and inexpensive. You do not need to have any website development skills. If you can send photos in an email; you can create a beautiful virtual memorial. Virtual memorials can be less expensive than purchasing a domain, hosting, developing and maintaining your own website. The virtual memorials at InRepose, for example, are very inexpensive. At $9.95 a year they are much more cost effective than creating and hosting your own site. InRepose, virtual memorials also offer a variety of tools for uploading pictures, documents, and other items that you would like to have on your loved ones memorial quickly and easily. The virtual memorial is easy to maintain. You can spend as much or as little time on your memorial as you want. All the technical aspects such as webhosting are done for you.

Virtual memorials provide a centralized place for remembering.

Too often families are separated by large geographical distances. While they may be able to gather for the initial funeral it can be difficult for families to gather on a regular basis to remember their loved ones. Virtual memorials help bridge that gap by creating a place where family can gather, discuss, and remember their loved ones. Virtual memorials help connect family and friends to the support they need. With a virtual memorial where people live no longer influences the amount of time they can take to remember their loved ones. Unlike a traditional grave site, a person can visit a virtual memorial any time of the day or night, from any location in the world. Each person can feel that they have a valid and substantial connection with the deceased regardless if they can put flowers on the grave in person or not.

Virtual memorials preserve family history.

When a person dies their life achievements, their stories, and their experiences often go with them. A virtual memorial can be used to preserve family history in a way that other memorials can not. A person can prepare their own memorial before they pass on to prevent valuable family history from dissolving or loved ones can collect information about the deceased and preserve it for future generations. Virtual memorials can be used to trace genealogy and family lineage. They are an excellent place to store and share the memories that your family creates over a life time.

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