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             06 June, 2020

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Attracting Quality Tenants - 11 Interior Design Tips

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2007-10-02 11:21:17     
Article by Bronia Suszczenia

It is an old truism that one needs to invest for success but it is is as true for the property landlord as any other area of business today.

Forget second hand furniture and dirty accommodation; today tenants have choice and know what they are looking for in a rental property. So in order to attract the most prospective tenants to your rental property it needs to be attractive, stylish and practical.

A little extra investment upfront will reap real rewards downstream since you will have less time without tenants and you will spend less advertising to attract new tenants.

So what should you do to your rental property?


Less is more. Avoid complex decor that is difficult to keep clean or is too delicate to last the course. As for colour schemes choose light colours to give the feel of increased space. However avoid white sofas and carpets as these will quickly show dirt and marks. Also choose inoffensive neutral colour tones as these will not put off most prospective tenants; whilst you may personally like the latest cutting edge colours and styles, your tenants may not and anything ultra-fashionable now will tend to seem badly out of date before long.


install hardwood or laminate flooring throughout but with plain 80:20 carpets for the bedrooms. Engineered boards make good flooring and are better choice than wood or laminates in conservatories. A hard wearing carpet is a good investment provided it is properly maintained. Protective spray treatment is worthwhile before the first tenant moves in. An annual professional carpet clean is also a good idea to get maximum life from the carpet

Window dressings

Keep blinds and curtains simple and avoid complicated mechanisms which could break if your tenants are less than careful. Lined curtains always make curtains look more opulent, and good curtains can really make room look classy. Tenants will be put off by thin, small bedroom curtains that will allow the sun to wake them.


invest in a good range of simple to use appliances and white goods; fridge freezer, washing machine and microwave should be treated as standard. If space and budget allow, include tumble dryer and dishwasher, particularly if the property will house a large number of occupants.


include good quality new furniture. All sofas and beds must meet local fire regulations. Chose furniture that is hard wearing and that won't show marks easily. Dark leather sofas fit the bill well - avoid white fabric for sofas or white rugs! Chose your furniture carefully, with your typical tenant in mind. For example install a desk/workstation if you are trying to attract students. Go for a decent size dining table if you plan to let to a family.


Most tenants are not keen on maintaining the garden, so it should be easy to look after. You might even leave a suitable lawn-mover & hedge-trimmer to encourage maintenance. Alternatively contract a garden company to come through monthly between Spring and Autumn.


make sure the property has robust doors and good locks on doors and windows. Fit smoke, carbon monoxide and burglar alarms as standard and make sure they are maintained. Alarms should be mains powered to prevent tenants removing batteries or forgetting to replace dead ones.


any tenant under the age of 45 will expect broadband internet access so ensure cabling and access is in place.


the world is rapidly moving to digital TV so there is no point skimping on the TV facilities you provide. Make sure that your property is equipped for digital terrestrial or digital satellite TV (or cable TV).


A shower is important and a separate shower is ideal. However if space is at a premium go for one over a bath. Make sure that the bathroom is water-tight and easy to clean. Tenants may not look after this room as fastidiously as if it was their property so the last thing you need is water leaking through to an adjacent property!


Many rental properties are quite compact. So you will help your tenants by providing built in storage. Try to use awkward spaces and you will find extra storage can be realised for very little cost. However it is a real plus for a tenant with a lot of possessions.

So there you have 11 simple but effective design tips that will help you make the most of the property you are about to rent out.

Bronia Suszczenia is co-founder and Creative Director of Art from the Start Ltd a firm of interior designers in Yorkshire England. She has also recently established Fabric Gallery and Interiors a retailer of quality curtain fabrics in York England.

Specialized in: Decor - Interiors - Makeover - Design - York - Yorkshire - Commercial - Interior - Hull - Leeds - Curtains
URL: http://www.art-from-the-start.co.uk
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