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             25 January, 2021

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Tips On Making Your Home Appear Bigger to Sell Faster

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2007-10-02 11:20:20     
Article by Indira Keller

It can be difficult to see your home in the eyes of a potential buyer, however, if you expect to make a quick sale for your asking price that is exactly what you will need.

Calling a painter to give your home a fresh coat of paint is certainly a start, there is more required to convince a buyer to make your home there home.

Most buyers need visualizing themselves living in the house they want to buy. If your home fit your personal style, it is unlikely it will work for the potential new homeowner.

That is where decorating and consulting services that specializes in real estate staging, comes in.

Once you understand what it takes to excites buyers they will fall in love with your home. a home makeover is like very similar to having a personal makeover. All homes have a design features and design flaws from the original plan or from changes made from previous owners. Neutralizing the décor will appeal to more buyers.

Preparing the home for selling requires clearing the clutter, which is difficult for most home sellers to do because the selling process is an personal and emotional experience. Something so simple can be just as complicated when emotions are involved.

I worked as a Realtor for over 8 years. When I listed new properties, I always performed a walk through with the homeowner to remove excess pictures, odd personal items before placing the property on the market. Statistics have proved that staging with a professional sell twice as fast a home unstaged.

To began the staging process first measure the home, to put the home dimensions into a CAD software. Once my team and I can see the clients home on the computer in perfect scale, furniture is then placed to maximum the flow for the open house traffic. We look at the client's furniture that will work well for the neutralization process and look at what we have in our warehouse that will work with the color scheme. Each room is planned in this manor. When the client approval of the plan, we then start removing the excess furnishing from the homeowners home.

We then present the homeowner with a proposal and plan for the staging of home with a fee schedule. Staging in the Los Angeles area range from $8,000- $21,000.00 depending of the size and work require per the property. This amount is far less than the reduction is the listing price.

Along with cleaning out and removing clutter the landscaping plan has to be decided to create a pleasant curve appeal. Replacement of oversize furnishing and with smaller scaled furniture such as king-sized bed in the master bedroom with the queen in the guest bedroom. Turning one of the kids rooms into an office or baby room; the upstairs family room into a music room by removing that large sectional sofa and 52" projection television. Removing a leaves or two out of the dining room table and moving a few chairs to other spaces will cause the dining room to appear larger

Each room should look a little sparse for everyday living, but that's perfect for an open house. Potential buyers can now visualize where their stuff would go.

Indira Keller is an Interior Designer and owner of Intuiton Home, a firm located in Beverly Hills, California. The firm specialize in assisting homeowners and Realtors in selling difficult properties for an optimal price. Check out website at http://www.stage4selling.com/homestaging.html

Specialized in: Home Staging - Model Home Merchandising - Set The Stage - Staging - Hollywood - Malibu - Beverly Hills - Newport Beach - West Hollywood - Marina Del Rey - Brentwood - Staged Homes - Stager - Stage - Homes - Houses
URL: http://www.stage4selling.com
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