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             08 December, 2021

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Why Fat People Fail in Internet Marketing?

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2007-10-01 12:15:29     
Article by Marsden Tan

No offense, please! I am not referring to the physical size of a person. But, what does this title have any association with your internet marketing business?

Well, let's digress a bit and talk about the physical term 'fat' before we steer back to internet marketing business. We see a lot of overweight people around us. What do you think is the main cause of the problem? It is due to improper diet and too much intake of calories which resulted in excess fat in their body.

Steering back to the route of internet marketing, what does being fat concern you as an internet marketer? Everything. Many people in the world of Internet Marketing are fat meaning they are loaded with too much knowledge on internet marketing. I am sure you read and the more you read, the more knowledge you will acquire. Well, that is good for you but....

What do you do after reading and acquiring all the knowledge from the book? That is the crux of the whole point. A lot of people have the knowledge but they never put their knowledge into good use. They simply shelf the knowledge aside draining it slowly from their mind as day passes by. Think about it for a moment. When you eat a lot and you are not doing any exercise to burn off the calories, what will happen? Get the idea!

Eating non stop without exercise causes obesity, just like acquiring knowledge on internet marketing but not applying what you have learned into your business serves no purpose at all. This is what happen to a lot of people. If you are buying everything in sight to convince yourself you are improving your knowledge, you will get fat. If you do not put that knowledge into practice, then you will never make a single cent from your internet marketing business.

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