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             07 August, 2020

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Getting Your Own 17 Inch Notebook

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2006-07-22 20:09:56     
Article by John Wellington

I have just recently gone out and bought a 17 inch notebook, and so far have been fairly impressed with its quality. It is definitely superior to the old IBM Thinkpad that I owned years ago. Back then, laptop computers were pretty big and bulky, with poor screen resolution. They were considerably more expensive than they are now and to top it all, the battery life was poor at best.

My new Dell 17 inch notebook is everything that my old laptop was not. It is sleek, low-profile, contains hours of battery life, and now comes with a high-resolution lcd screen that is just simply a joy to behold.

I had put off buying a new 17 inch notebook for quite a while. I have always found the process of buying a new computer agonizing. No matter how long you wait, the very following week after you've made your purchase on whatever system you have chosen, out comes something cheaper, more powerful, at a lower price and with a better warranty! It is enough to drive you completely crazy.

I knew that the convenience of a new laptop computer was going to be worth it no matter what, and eventually I got and bought myself the new 17 inch notebook. And I am glad that I did. There is nothing that beats having your own laptop computer, especially a fully configured one at that.

The best thing about my new 17 inch notebook is how easy it makes working on-the-go seem. With the prevalence of wifi (wireless broadband enabled) coffee houses, I can now work from my 17 inch notebook from any part of town. I actually do quite a fair bit of freelance work, so the luxury of being able to do all my work on the go, when I want, and from where I want, makes my life almost feel like being on permanent vacation!

And when I am done with my 17 inch notebook, I simply slip it back into my laptop computer sleeve, and can carry it around with me wherever I'm off to next. It is no burden at all, because of its light weight, and though I occasionally worry about having it stolen, or accidentally damaged, so far no harm has come to my computer. You can of course include insurance for it when making your initial purchase.

My sturdy 17 inch notebook has really changed my life, certainly for the better. Of course, for many people, getting a new 17 inch notebook computer like I have done might be a bad idea. If you are not that good at keeping track of your things, it is a definite no. You could easily lose your 17 inch notebook computer, along with all of your work and data, due to one careless mistake.

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