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             21 October, 2020

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Why Organic Baby Bedding?

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2007-09-26 10:35:47     
Article by Beatrice Stephenson

Well, the question is quite easy answered by those parents who's children are suffering from allergies of different kinds. In most fabrics of today there are thousands of toxic substances and colors, that can be very harmful for your baby, especially if she's allergic or has allergy in the family, and therefore easily could develop it.

Organic bedding products automatically provide relief from allergies. Well documented scientific research and documentation has proven that organic cotton and wool help to reduce discomfort and skin rashes, that you can get from normal fabrics, if you have allergy tendencies. The benefit for your baby is the softness and quality that only organic cotton can provide, and it is one of the top reasons people choose organic cotton for their baby's delicate skin. Cotton grown in conventional ways is poorer and weakened by the chemicals used in growing, processing and dying of the cotton. All these things break the fibre down creates a much weaker and reduced product in the end of the production line.

But there might be other reasons for wanting your baby or toddler to sleep in organic sheets or even wear organic clothes. Small children's skin are quite thin and not really use to all the toxins and poisons that is in the environment around us. To give a baby organic food and let him wear organic cotton, can be a soft way to start off in this world, before he gradually is used to environmental circumstances. We can't always keep the baby as safe as we want to, there are air pollutions where ever in the world you are staying, unnatural growing fertilizers in our foods and the list goes on and on. But maybe we can make the first time in the little ones life a little better, a little easier for a small body to adjust to.

When it comes to organic cotton, north America produces excellent organic cotton and wool, meeting all the international standards for quality and safety. And there's an ethical point to it all. Ecologically produced cotton is fair trade, meaning that ecological cotton from India are in most cases produced under human conditions, with absolutely no child labour and with a fair salary to the farmers. Cotton farming is a very high factor to pollutions in the world, and organic farming turns those bad numbers upside down. Did you know that: ecological farms have 44% more birds on their lands than other cotton farmers? More that five times as many wild plants? Only that information should tell us something.

When you think of organic beddings you might think about boring watery colors in beige and natural white only, but that couldn't be further from the truth! There are many environmental ways of colorings these days, and you can get great looking products, even if they are ecological. So, why don't do your little one a favour and let him or her sleep in some environmentally and physically friendly sheets!

Want to know more about ecological bedding. Please visit this site for more information


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