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Childrens Bedding - A Guide To Choosing Infant Bedding

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2007-09-26 10:34:13     
Article by Bob Russell

An approaching birth is an exciting time, and whether you're the expecting parents or friends or family of those expecting, the selection of infant bedding for the newborn's crib is often not given much thought during the process of shopping for the baby or the baby shower. While it is certainly a minor detail when compared to researching the enormous market of car seats, highchairs, and other safety products, it still should be given more than passing consideration since baby will be spending much of his or her time sleeping there.

Crib mattress size

Safety standards implemented in the 1970s mandate that cribs mattress sizes be standardized, measuring 27.25" x 51.625" and being no more than six inches high. All new infant bedding is designed to conform to these standards.

So really, the only instance when the size or fit of infant bedding may become an issue is if the expecting parents plan to use an antique or heirloom crib. If this is the case, you should ensure that the crib still meets these safety guidelines, especially with regard to the crib's slats or spindles, and you'll probably want to consider using a flat sheet rather than the fitted crib sheets which will either be too large or too small on non-standard crib mattresses.

Children's Bedding Material or Fabric

While crib bedding sizes are standard (28" x 52"), the material or fabric of the bedding still can vary between manufacturers or even individual bedding designs by the same manufacturer. You'll find that most infant bedding on the market will have either a 100% cotton construction or else a blend of cotton and polyester.

If allergies or chemical sensitivity is a concern, it would certainly be best to go with a natural fabric. (Cotton is always a safe and readily available option, though wool may also be an option). Its best to check with the manufacturer regarding the composition of their infant bedding fabrics, particularly with designer brands or specialty designs, where more elaborate synthetics may appear.

Children's Bedding Patterns

When shopping for children's bedding, most people's primary concern of course is the pattern or design of the beddings. The proprietary designs that proliferate the children's bedding market are not quite as widespread within the infant bedding niche of the market. Typically, you will find more generic or non-branded designs with infant bedding.

What many people don't consider is that infant bedding can be used as a readily available multi-sensory learning tool. An emerging body of research on infant learning processes points towards the benefits of multi-sensory approaches to infant learning and early childhood education. This approach to teaching increases memory retention by creating more sensory associations with the subject matter.

As an example, let's look at the "Engine #9" infant bedding design by Kimberly Grant. This quilt-style comforter has many fun colors for baby to look at, yet it's put together in a way that doesn't overwhelm the eye. Similarly, it is made of multiple kinds of fabrics--blue corduroy, yellow seersucker, tan check, red woven plaid, and ivory chenille--so baby can discover all these different textures and feelings and colors right in his own crib. And the simple, whimsical objects depicted on it--the fire truck, Dalmatian, and fire hydrant--provide additional opportunities to teach baby new words while he can see and touch them on his own comforter.

So for expecting parents who are hip to the emerging research and implementations of multi-sensory teaching, infant bedding with quilted designs can provide a readily available and often overlooked tool to implement in a larger multi-sensory approach. And for parents who haven't heard much about multi-sensory learning, perhaps getting quilted infant bedding may motivate you to learn more about it!

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