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Purchasing a New Flat Screen Television and The Acer AT3720

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2007-09-26 10:33:57     
Article by Scott James

Purchasing a new TV today is an important decision. Spending what could be a considerable amount of cash should make you think seriously about what is essentially a major domestic investment.

Given the way technology changes it is essential to try and make sure that your purchase is relatively future-proof.

The latest telecommunication system for broadcasting moving pictures and sound is known as Digital television (DTT) and as the name implies this relies upon the transmission and reception of digital signals as opposed to the more conventional analogue formats. With DTT, viewers are limited to whatever channels the antenna picks up. Signal quality will also vary.

The purpose of this article is to take a look at what is on offer with the new generation of Flat Screen Televisions available and in this case the television in particular is the Acer AT3720.

The AT 3720 is a 37in LCD TV and the prices for these would be in the region of 800 pounds sterling or 1600 US dollars. The resolution of the screen is 1366 X 768 and with regards to being HD Ready the answer is yes. The Acer has 2 (2 RGB) scarts and the type and number of Multimedia interfaces the AT 3720 uses is HDMI and 2. The type of Tuner for this TV is Analogue and the Acer is available from limited outlets only.

All these points being taken into consideration, how would we view the Acer AT3720?

First up, we would look at the picture quality and our score here would be 4 out of 10, and closely tied in to the picture quality is the sound quality and our score for this would be 4 out of 10. With regards to the availability and number of relevant connections, our score would be 6 out of 10. If we take a look at the overall "featureability" our score would be 4 out of 10 and the final individual verdicts would relate to the ease of use and overall value for money and our scores here would be, 4 out of 10 and 6 out of 10 respectively.

Finally our overall opinion would be this is one to be very careful of with average pictures and an average audio. The lack of a digital tuner for this TV sadly puts it at the bottom of our list.

It is extremely unlikely given the variety and range of makes and models available that you will not be able to find something to match your tastes or budget. You could be completely avant-garde and stay in the forefront of fashion and design or you could decide to take perhaps the safer option and go for one of the established makes and models available. We hope that after reading this article you will find yourself better informed and as such it will mean that really it will not matter which rout you take.

With regards to the prices in this article we have tried in all cases to take an average across the industry from a number of well known web sites and so we ask you to bear this in mind and treat these prices as advisory only rather than absolutes.

Scott James writes about Flat Screen Televisions and the new generation of Plasma and Digital Televisions at Best Flat Screen TV and http://www.bestflatscreentv.biz/dmtech-lm17db--latest-reviews-about.php

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