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ADD & ADHD - Herbal Remedies

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2007-09-23 10:38:00     
Article by Bruce Maul

Do you often find it difficult for you or your children to concentrate and pay attention to details? Have you ever notice that you have been intensely struggling to achieve a tantamount of focus over your career and personal life? Maybe you can not seem to organize your priorities because you get so easily bored, distracted, and frequently procrastinate. These so called habits can hamper your capacity to do well at work and get the promotions you deserve despite your commendable credentials. Many believe this is a simple lack of presence of mind. However, if you suffer from these or other similar struggles you could be among the 3% - 5% of the population suffering from neurological disorders called Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

ADD and ADHD are chronic developmental disorders that usually manifest during the formative years of children. However, when left untreated, is retained in adulthood. ADD and ADHD are neurological disorders that are caused by glitches in the functioning of the endocrine system. Under normal circumstances, the body secretes a regular amount of the hormone melatonin that regulates the physiological clockwork of humans. People diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD tend to produce a lesser amount of melatonin and this often results in a reduced level of attentiveness, or hyperactivity in the case of ADHD. These disorders often become severe impairments.

ADHD is often easier to observe than ADD because the symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity are often more discernable. Symptoms include frequent mobility or the inability to stay in one place, talking too much, and extreme restlessness or fidgeting, which is common in children diagnosed with ADHD. The symptoms for ADD are confined to blatant inattention that often results to carelessness and aversion over mental activity. Children inflicted with ADD.

often find it difficult to concentrate at school and excel; adults tend to be easily distracted, disorganized, and hardly achieving their true potentials over their chosen careers.

The existence of any of these symptoms, however, does not instantly mean that you are inflicted with the disorder. It is advisable to consult a neurologist to diagnose and treat your condition. Moreover, should you or any of your children be diagnosed with either ADD

or ADHD it is best to shift to healthier diets and take homeopathic medication to cure these conditions. There are bottled herbal remedies online that are formulated with powerful herbs to help you increase your attention span and concentration, enhance your memory, or keep your child relaxed and less impulsive. It is never too late to correct an attention disorder that is keeping you from becoming what you are most capable of, and there is no need to succumb to pills that will end up slowing you down or making you tired most of the time. Try natural remedies and be amazed at what you have been missing out on all along.

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