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             28 September, 2023

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Creating A Martini Masterpiece

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2007-09-22 10:46:29     
Article by Michael S Hutchins

Without a doubt, a true barometer of a bartender's skills and a person's taste is making a great Martini! Martinis have really gained immense popularity over the last decade. Everyone remembers that James Bond loved his martinis, of course they had to be "shaken, not stirred."Making a classic dry martini is almost like creating a very simple, yet very pure piece of art. So, here it is, a step by step recipe for creating the perfect dry martini.

You're going to need 11/2oz of dry gin. Don't skimp on the quality, go for Beefeaters or Tanqueray. Also, 1/2 oz of extra dry vermouth, a toothpick, pimento stuffed olives, ice from purified water, a cocktail shaker, and a martini glass.Go ahead and fill the martini glass with ice and water, this will chill the glass to perfection while you mix the drink. Pour the gin over ice in your cocktail shaker. Allow it to set for a moment while you measure your vermouth.Go ahead and add the vermouth to your shaker along with a VERY tiny splash of olive juice. Cap off your shaker and shake very vigorously. The key is to shake it so long that your hands get super cold.

Finally, empty all the water from your martini glass, and wipe away all moisture droplets.Add two olives skewered on a toothpick, and pour the mixed drink into a glass. Sip it delicately and enjoy!By the way,Shaking does have an advantage over stirring. Shaking actually "bruises" the gin and causes it to infuse with the vermouth. Stirring, while effective, allows the spirits to separate more easily in the glass.Use Jalapeno stuffed olives instead of pimento and call it a "Martinez" instead. It adds spice to the drink on so many different levels.By the way, be sure to use an authentic martini glass. A traditional glass with a stem will cause your martini to warm too quickly.

So, there you have it, the perfect martini. Once you've enjoyed a martini that doesn't short-cut the details, it's hard to drink one that is hastily prepared. No excuses now that you've tasted the difference!

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