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             20 March, 2023

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Coffee - Starbucks Removes Milk Made With rBGH

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2007-09-20 10:19:02     
Article by Eric Hartwell

Starbucks is now removing a lot of their milk products that were made using rBGH. The mega giant corporation announced a short while ago that the products were no longer safe for consumer consumption and are now starting to purchase products that were not made with the rBGH hormone.

The rBGH hormone was created by company Monsanto and its purpose is to increase the amount of milk a cow can produce. Yet, studies have shown that this hormone has a tendency to raise percentages of obtaining cancer so the company is flushing the milk. Their goal is to make 37% of their products rBGH free to be distributed in the US to states such as Alaska, Montana, and New Mexico and in areas such as New England.

This is projected to hurt Monsanto's sales considerably as Starbucks was one of their largest clients. This may also cause milk to rise in price as more of it can not be produced if this trend is followed by other large companies such as Meijer or Wal-Mart. It could also mean higher profits for these mega corporations. Monsanto is trying to adopt their own business practices to meet this demand of hormone free milk.

It's really an ethical point on whether or not the company should use the hormones or not because most people have no idea what they're eating in anything that they eat. It just goes to show that Starbucks is starting to develop a soul, so let's give it some more business.

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