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             28 January, 2021

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Asset Protection Options

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2007-09-19 10:08:29     
Article by Ken Wilssens

When thinking of your assets and obviously you have or you wouldn't have found this article, you have looked into different options there are out there for you to protect your investments. These options are designed for both Offshore and Domestic assets. When deciding on which protection you need it also depends on the monetary value of your property. You need to also factor in the type of asset it is and what possible risk you face.

There are four different options you can choose from to protect you. The first is the Domestic Asset Protection Strategy, by properly forming a Private Nevada Corporation using a service that owns the asset or sharing the ownership with other companies. This way when someone searches your name there is not a lot of wealth attached. You can also set up a Nevada Office Program; you can do both of these by using a Nevada Privacy Service. This is helpful for expensive legal battles. The cost of the Domestic Asset Protection Strategy Costs are; a Nevada Corporation $599, a Nevada Privacy Service $500, and a Nevada Office Program $995

The next is the Offshore Protection Strategy; by setting this up properly you will get a fairly large amount of financial protection and privacy. You have a choice between an Offshore Company and an Offshore Bank Account. Offshore Asset Protection Strategy Costs range from $1495 for an Offshore Company to $350 for an Offshore Bank Account.

Then we have the Offshore Asset Protection Strategy this strategy includes an Offshore Company, an Offshore Bank Account, an Offshore Office Program and a Privacy Service. By taking that Offshore Asset and adding an Office Program and Privacy Service you remove your name from showing up on any documents, also making your Offshore Company and Asset a Legal business. These services also offer the Protection and Privacy you might be looking for. Offshore Asset Protection Strategy Costs run from $1495 for the Offshore Company, then $350 Offshore Bank Account, next we have $995 for the Offshore Office Program and finally $500 for the Privacy Service.

Finally, we have the Bulletproof Asset Protection Strategy; the Bulletproof is the highest level of protection you can get. An Offshore Limited Liability Company is set up in the Cook Islands and the Limited Liability Company holds the Bank accounts, by having the LLC you have interior control over what is going on in your company. And if you get sued then the LLC retains control of the company and a trustee retains control over the Limited Liability Company. A Bulletproof Asset Protection Strategy Costs Can run from $1495 for the Offshore Company then the Offshore Trust in Cook Islands can run $7995, and the Swiss Bank Account is $550.

When you decide which Asset Protection option is best for you and your company, you can then look into different companies that specialize in setting these up. You will also need to let your lawyer go over any paperwork and remember you have to pay taxes on any money received from these companies.

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