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What is Satellite Internet?

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2007-09-13 15:15:56     
Article by Sarah Freeland

Satellite internet access comes in three flavors. Two of these flavors use satellites for downloading information from the World Wide Web, while only one uses satellites for both downloading and uploading information. The most popular form of satellite internet used today is the two way satellite system called a VSAT.

Two way satellite internet is popular with consumers because it offers superior performance for both uploading and downloading information from the Internet. The one way and the one way with terrestrial return systems have limited uploading performance, and in fact, the one way multi-cast version of satellite internet doesn't allow consumers to upload any information to the Internet. The two way system, on the other hand, allows download speeds of up to 2 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps.

In order to get satellite internet service you will need several pieces of equipment. Your outdoor setup is going to be comprised of a satellite antenna, a satellite mount, a feed horn, a feed line and for some satellite internet service providers, you will also need a universal LNB. Your indoor set up will need to include a DVB-S PCI card or a compatible modem. Finally you will need a satellite internet service provider and the right software to get started.

There are several satellite internet service providers. The three most popular satellite internet service providers are HughesNet, StarBand and WildBlue. HughesNet and StarBand both use a Ku Band link, while WildBlue has exclusive access to the Ka Band link. The prices for each service is going to vary depending on the package you order, but generally prices between all three of these satellite internet service providers are going to be similar when you compare similar packages.

When you are on the road you can feel detached from your family, friends and business. Fortunately you now have access to satellite internet and radio service. All you need to get connected is a service provider, a modem and a truck satellite antenna. Stay connected to the media sources of your choice with RV satellite antennas. Choose from satellite radio, satellite cable and satellite internet antennas. Understand your broadband internet satellite dish by learning about its components.

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