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             24 January, 2021

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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2007-09-10 16:05:00     
Article by Tracy Collins

I remember five years ago, I had my first child. My mother came and helped me out with him because; well, I didn't know what I was doing. I had never had a child before and obviously she had some experience.

The first day I brought him home it was wonderful yet scary just the same. The first night I had him, he was up all night. My mom, god bless her, told me to go and get some sleep that she would take care of him. Well, I wasn't willing to give up so easily so at 3am we were arguing back and forth. Finally, I guess my son got sick of us fighting and he finally fell asleep in my arms and that is where he slept for the night.

During this whole ordeal, I was thinking to myself, I'm the one who decided to have a baby and I can do it by myself, I didn't need any help. It wasn't my mothers' responsibility to take care of my child it was mine and I didn't want to put the burden on her and besides she couldn't do it like I could. This was my son, and I was the one that was going to raise him and I thought even though she raised two children, she didn't know how to do it.

In thinking about this day, 5 years ago, I realized how my experience could pertain to business as well. I am hoping that this list that I have created will give all the people who think they can do it all a little perspective as to why it is wise to delegate what you can. Here are the top five reasons why people won't delegate their work.

1. I can do it myself. If I had a penny for every time that I heard this, I would be rich. Okay, so you can do it by yourself but at what price are you paying? Not financially, but mentally and physically. You are probably getting burned out and you just haven't noticed it yet. You are also probably neglecting your loved ones even though you don't realize it. Just because you think you can do it by yourself doesn't mean you have to.

2. I don't want to burden anybody else. If you find the right person, you are not putting a burden on them. Chances are if you asked them and they agreed to it, they really enjoy doing whatever it is you need help with.

3. Nobody can do it as well as you can. Maybe they can't do it as well as you can, maybe they can do it better. Maybe they can give you some pointers on organization or more efficient ways of doing business. How do you know unless you try?

4. You don't know what you should delegate. This might be an issue but an easy way to overcome it, is by taking one week and when you start to do a task you don't like, write it down. By the end of the week you will have a list of stuff you don't like to do and then you will get a better picture of what you can delegate.

5. You are afraid of spending money. In this day and age, who can blame you for not wanting to spend money? However, what you might not be spending out of your pocket might still be costing you money.

I hope this article helps a few business people realize that sometimes we all need a little bit of help and there is no reason to be ashamed to ask for it. Chances are you will be happy you did and your business and loved ones will be happy as well.

Tracy Collins owns a successful virtual assistance business, Collins Admin Services. With over 10 years of administrative support experience and being a business owner herself, she knows what it takes to run a small business and how hard it can be to handle everything on your own. For more information about how she can help, visit her website at http://www.collins-admin.com

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