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Business Cards - Ignore At Your Peril

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2007-09-06 17:42:16     
Article by Alexa Wilson

Business cards can be termed as the most important introduction for any businessman. It divulges information about the outfit as well as the individual. This includes information like his post, name, contact numbers of residence, office and e-mail ID. It is through business cards that people come in contact with each other for the first time, which is why its importance cannot be minimised.

However, it would be immensely interesting to know the history of business cards. When did they come into existence? Which countries adapted them first and what information did they provide in those days?

It would be very amusing to know that the history of business cards stretches back as far as 15th century when it was used in China. Its use, however, was confined to aristocrats who normally used to give it to their servants to pass it to the concerned member of the family. Middle class also picked up this habit in the course of time.

England saw the arrival of business cards in the 17th century. Popular as trade cards, they were mostly used by merchants. The uniqueness of trade cards remained in the fact that they had maps printed on them so as to give the customers a guide to reach the shop. In some cases, the cards are known to have included the names of goods sold by the merchants as well.

Today, however, business cards have undergone complete change. They come in various designs and colour and are available in various price range, giving people enough variety to choose from. Today, their importance has gained mammoth proportion and no businessman takes it lightly. They after all, are very important for contacts, without which no business can survive.

Alexa is a successful relationship manager in a leading Public Relations firm. He has written many blogs and articles on how to enhance effective communication in the corporate world. Currently he is focusing on Business Cards as they are major tools of communication for a company.

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