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             23 November, 2020

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G.A.S. Up Your Work Ethics & Personal Core Values

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2007-09-06 17:41:37     
Article by Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Having what is called a high work ethic is a good thing. Yet, sometimes, due to the workplace and life, these ethics and supporting personal core values face continued challenges. For example, have you had any of these thoughts:

-Why should I work my buns off because John comes in late, leaves early?
-Hey, it is 4:59pm, I need to get off the phone with this customer?
-Did you hear about Mary's encounter with HR?

Work ethics take a beating every day because not everyone has the same standards or personal core values. Yet, you are expected to deliver the same exceptional performance regardless of the environment.

To help you stay the course, consider these three capacities: Goals, Attitudes, and Self Leadership Skills.

Goals help to close the gap between where you are now and where you wish to go. When you utilize a proven goal setting process that includes having written goals, you truly do not care about John coming in late because John is not part of your goal.

Our work ethics are really attitudes toward performance. These habits of thoughts actually drive our behaviors. If you have a great attitude of always delivering outstanding customer service, you will stay on the phone even if it is 5:15 to help that customer.

Finally, strong interpersonal skills or what I call self leadership skills keep us focused. We make good decisions about whether we engage in gossiping about another employee's behavior. Our communication skills are consistent with our work ethics and core personal values. Self leadership skills are truly about leading ourselves first before we can lead others.

Keeping strong work ethics is a challenge. By using goals, attitudes and self leadership skills should make that challenge just a little easier.

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