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Profitable Copywriting for the Web - 7 Fast Steps to Excel With Copywriting for the Web

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2007-09-03 17:47:32     
Article by Sean R Mize

Copywriters cannot be more in demand these days. With millions of websites needing content and updates everyday, copywriters are definitely here to stay. Here are the 7 valuable tips you can use in order to excel in copywriting:

1. Avoid unnecessary words. It is best to write more with less. For example, consider the phrase, "Utilizing this particular technique also permits you to move..." It could succinctly be replaced with, "You can move..."

2. Be specific. Modifiers such as approximately, several and nearly are broad. Be specific about the features and benefits of your product. This will make it appear more legitimate.

3. Vary the length of sentences. As a rule, vary the length of sentences, in order to improve the "flow" of your writing. It is important to avoid run-on sentences that cause the sentence to become unclear and dull. Also, you can combine two short sentences using a conjunction, to prevent choppy sentences.

4. Use active voice instead of passive voice. Active voice denotes action. If you would like your readers to do what you want them to, eliminate passive voice on your copies or you won't get the results you are looking for.

5. Pay attention to your grammar and spelling. Your copy, no matter how good its content can easily throw off readers if it has grammar and spelling errors. To avoid this, make it habit to proofread your copies at least twice before submitting them.

6. Showing is better than telling. People remember experiences and sensations longer than they remember facts and figures. Therefore, it is always better to give your readers a painting, rather than a grocery list.

7. Position the lengthiest item of a list, at the end. Begin with the shortest or simplest item, and end with the longest or more complex one. This will cause the tail of the sentence to be more unforgettable, and the sentence itself less confusing.

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Specialized in: Opt In List - Email List - List Building
URL: http://www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
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