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             24 January, 2021

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Are You Worthy To Receive?

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2007-09-01 18:04:18     
Article by Steve Lobe

A lot of times you practice more and more to attract your dreams. You visualize, meditate, affirm and yet you feel you are at the same place where you started. Square one. Sometimes, it is not a flaw in the technique or the goal that is stopping you from attracting what you want. It is your own resistance to receiving. You feel you are not worthy of getting what you're asking for.

Sometimes this is not a conscious feeling. You might consciously feel ready to receive and worthy of receiving, but the subconscious might think otherwise. This can happen due to reasons like childhood conditioning or conditioning by past experience.

Sometimes parents are the ones who limit a child's self worth. They keep telling the child to not fly too high and have simple achievable dreams. Most middle class families do not have the luxury to think abundance. They limit their own growth by not expecting more because they think they're just not meant to. Some elders think it's a sin to make too much of money or to have more than what is necessary to survive. Children brought up in such environments get conditioned to think that there is only so much they can get. Their thoughts become limited!

At times we try extremely hard to get something we truly desire. We put in months or years of effort and yet we don't get it. The emotions attached are so high that we form an emotional pattern of lack. The failure to get what we desperately wanted might condition the subconscious to attract more of scarcity. It becomes a chain reaction where we prevent ourselves from attracting what we want thus causing our self worth to go down a few more notches every time we fail.

The key to turn this around is to believe - truly, within the heart of your heart - that you deserve what you are asking for. You need to "feel" ready to receive. Only then will your manifestation come alive for you.

The feeling that you don't deserve something you like comes from a low self worth. It's self defeating. A colleague of mine refused a promotion because she felt she did not deserve it. Having won the employee of the year award and having had excellent quality scores, she still felt that she didn't deserve a promotion. This behavior is the result of extremely low self worth or a lack of confidence in one's ability. An attitude like this makes us close our own doors to opportunities coming our way.

As you would agree, the solution is to increase your self worth so that you feel deserving to accept your desires into your life. You can increase your self worth in any of the following ways:

• Use affirmations to tell yourself that you're great, attractive, intelligent, worthy of good things etc.

• Sometimes, low self worth comes from a poor physical image. People who feel ashamed of being obese, being bald, having a crooked nose, etc. feel a low sense of self worth. You need to look at yourself in the mirror for some time. Feel a sense of acceptance for your body and try and feel love for it. Accept that it's not in the best way you might want it to be but nevertheless express your love to your body. A healthy acceptance of one's own self will increase his self worth.

• Spend time with people who love you the way you are and make you feel good.

• Help the less fortunate in society. Serving others to make them happy gives a good boost to one's self worth.

• Give, give and give! Give so much to others in terms of prayers, blessings, help, advice, whatever you can give. This will improve your self worth and also make you ready to receive the energy you gave to others.

• Every night before you go to bed, cross your arms and hug yourself for a few minutes.

And, when you are really ready to receive, you must have already manifested!

The Law of Attraction and Abundance has shown Steve Lobe what it means to be able to live a meaningful and abundant life and he aims to show others how they could have it to in his blog www.AbundanceLaw.com and has a FREE After The Secret Starter Kit to others take the next step after watching 'The Secret' DVD.

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