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             22 September, 2023

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Conquering Obstacles Within Your Business And In Life

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2007-09-01 18:04:00     
Article by Daryl H. Bryant

In life we face new obstacles every day - some are challenging and others we breeze right through. But without obstacles, life would be a boring place. As I always say, "The greatest obstacles in life are the ones we've yet to conquer". If life was not a challenge it would not be self-rewarding in the end; I like to think the same about business. Without challenging obstacles, business would not be as fulfilling as I find it to be. As I'm sure you experience the same with your business, new obstacles arise every day in mine. But as we learn to overcome each one, there is a new opportunity awaiting us on the other side.

So what is an obstacle?

It is defined as something immaterial that stands in the way and must be circumvented or surmounted. In business this can be anything from an irate customer, a hard-to-meet deadline, a new project you've never worked on before, a distressed employee or not having the moral fiber to pursue a goal.

So how do you handle these obstacles?

Well like I said before, "The greatest obstacles in life are the ones we've yet to conquer". So the first step is to realize the obstacle. Look at it as a challenge that once overcome, will provide new and rewarding opportunities that will enhance your business.

The second step is to take one small step forward. Until you take that initial step, it will be impossible to accomplish your goals in life or in business. This simple step forward is the start of what you've set out to accomplish.... So just take it!

The third step is to continue taking these little steps forward and reacting to each one you take. Once you begin taking the necessary steps, you will realize that you are able to overcome more than you have ever imagined. As humans, we have this internal instinct to react and accomplish things greater than we've ever expected.

The fourth and final step is to imagine. Imagine yourself on the other side, imagine yourself with that new client, imagine yourself competing with the largest companies in your industry, or imagine yourself as a billion dollar company. Whatever is your goal or whatever obstacle is in your way, imagine yourself already achieving it. This visualization will help you to take the necessary steps to conquer what you truly desire.

Obstacles are merely the building blocks to success. Conquer each one and you will be well on your way to achieving greatness.

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