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             29 September, 2023

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Be a Pioneer - The Law of Attraction

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2007-09-01 18:02:33     
Article by Rene Ng

In today's ever changing world, we see new designs and ideas popping up literally everyday around us. The ability to adapt and be creative is crucial for our survival. Having a pioneering spirit is the new trend in our new economy. The word pioneer is synonymous with hard work. Going into new frontiers. Opening the way etc.

Very often we are overwhelm by term and drop the idea altogether. We will undoubtedly run into people who tell us it is impossible, no one has ever tried that and so on. The truth is all great achievements were once considered impossible until someone broke the record.

Being a pioneer does not mean that you have to conquer Mount Everest or do some life threatening feat. It simply means doing something that no one has yet to attempt or has been overlooked. To be pioneers you have to have a vision for the future. You are willing to bet your live now for what you believe would be a revolution in the future.

You have to be creative and highly adaptable. To be a pioneer. You have to be true to yourself. You've got to know what you want and be willing to persevere until you see the results. Even if no one else believe in you. The good news is, you don't have to travel this journey all be yourself. There are many like minded people and even resources you can tap along the way.

Gone are the day's where pioneers are sojourner who brave uncharted waters and bash through terrains. Today's pioneers are much more fortunate that their predecessors. The only thing that remains unchanged is their believe and fighting spirit

Rene ng has been in internet marketing since 2005. He has written many articles pertaining to online marketing and self improvement. He is active in the online scene and currently does affiliate marketing for a living.

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