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             27 September, 2023

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Replacing The Real World With An Online One

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2007-08-20 11:59:17     
Article by T Beavers

It seems like practically everyone lives online nowadays. So many people only visit life and live online. The online community is only growing bigger and bigger every day. I recently watched a commercial talking about the importance of keeping a close eye on your children. People think that because they are in their rooms that they are safe, but the truth is if they have access to the internet, they can meet more people in five minutes than you probably have met in your entire lifetime.

We live in a world of a million plus myspace friends and video blogs and online chat rooms, blogs and journals. Everyone puts their business all over the web, some in hopes of someday becoming famous. Some in hopes of someday making more friends. And others still just looking to talk to anyone who is willing to listen.

That is why it is that much more important to spend time with your kids. Good quality time, not just time in front of the tv. Now, don't get me wrong I enjoy kicking back with the kids and watching all the best prime time television shows, but it is about so much more than that. You can have some time just veggin and hanging out. But there also has to be time spent building, training and developing your kids into responsible adults. Life is not just about who you are and what you will be. It is about what you have done and where you came from. I have recently adopted a new motto, "You can't buy memories." That is how I now look at life. I am not just raising my kids, I am building memories, and the substance and nature of those memories is up to me. Will I build in them memories they will never forget, or memories that they wish they could forget.

Think back to your child hood and remember playing outside with friends. Leaving in the morning when the sun cam up and coming home when the streetlights went out for dinner. We don't live in that world anymore, the streets are a dangerous place for kids to be no matter what neighborhood you live in. So parents feel secure with their kids in their rooms talking to their friends on the internet rather than standing out on the corner. It's okay to let them have an online experience and friendships, but monitor them closely and remember nothing can replace the real thing.

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