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Email Marketing - How To Virally Build A Massive Opt-in List

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2007-08-18 17:52:38     
Article by Olufemi Akinkuowo

Create a Massive Opt-In List in Just 90 Days!

Without a reliable and comprehensive email list, any internet marketer or affiliate is doomed to nothingness. Therefore to build leads and opt-ins, creating such a list is not only desirable, it is a necessity. This is because without a list, a marketer has reached a dead end on people to contact regarding a product or service, and is left to guesswork with regards to his or her marketing plans.

Building a respectable email list is no joke. Without assistance, creating a list of referrals and contacts could take months if not years to create. Thankfully, there are now means and services that can expedite this process. While there are hundreds of online services offering mailing lists, there are emerging technologies that allow marketers to build their own lists through a novel idea in marketing - viral marketing.

Viral marketing is not what it seems to be. If you are thinking that this has something to do with malicious code, viruses, adwares and spywares, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, viral marketing is totally ethical, legitimate and has even been used by some of the leading names on the market today.

So What is Viral Marketing and How Does It Work For Me?

In a nutshell, viral marketing is an electronic "word of mouth' marketing strategy. The principle here is to have other people promote your product for you for a price or an incentive. These people will typically go on to tell all their friends about your product.

While large companies favor traditional and modern advertising techniques such as posters, print ads, emails, and other advertising mediums, they are slowly coming to realize the importance of "word of mouth" advertising. Ever seen a movie that was so heavily advertised you thought is would be the mother of all movies only to realize that it was a dud to end all duds, and suddenly watch one that was hardly advertised at all, but got good reviews from your friends and completely knocked you off your feet? The act of your friends telling you about the movie was probably the reason you got to see the movie and is a prime example of how your trust in your friend's opinion can sway your opinion towards a product.

To build your opt in list, you can employ the wonders of viral marketing. Get your friends to help market your product and get email addresses from their contacts. Promise these friends something in return, and keep something as a reward for all those that do this as well.

On a more professional note, companies create opt in lists like this by partnering with "friend" affiliates that will help market your product or service for a reward. This is a very effective way of building an opt-in list and could very well push up your subscribers list to 50 thousand in as little as 90 days.

The good thing about viral marketing is that it increases the chances that your list includes people that are going to subscribe to your product or service. Other means of building such lists will usually give you undirected lists, meaning they are an unfiltered list of names. You do not have any idea whether any of them will actually opt in for your product or service. Viral means of building your list will ensure that the list you do get includes the addresses of people that are clearly interested in your offering. This is because the 'friends' doing the marketing for you target those that are interested in your product or service.

Make sure however, that the friends you employ to help build your list are properly motivated to do their duties. You can assure yourself of this by training them in what you would like to be accomplished and by presenting irresistible rewards and incentives. This is very important since if your affiliates are unmotivated to build your list, you could find yourself looking at a scantily populated list for months on end.

Viral marketing is gaining headway in many forms of marketing - whether on the internet or in any other medium. Using this wild fire method for building your list is a great means to have an opt-in list that is the envy of every internet marketer.

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