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Resellers VS Parent Hosting Provider

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2007-08-18 17:50:12     
Article by Keith Sumad

At any point in time someone one the net is either searching for or registering a domain name or web hosting package. In the time of the .com boom companies such as Hostgator, Godaddy etc. made a fortune simply because they were there at the right time to take advantage of the demand, and relatively low levels of competition. Now days the demand for domains and web hosting packages are still very high however the competition in this field is extremely saturated.

Even with this saturated market the Web Hosting Providers that were established earlier continue to prosper, due to their large customer base. To continue their growth they have invented Reseller Programs. These programs allow individuals to sell, most of the times, the same services as their Web Hosting Providers. Well now this brings up an interesting question Why should register a domain or web hosting package with a reseller? or in other words Is there any advantage in signing up with a reseller?

Well the answer is Yes, but it depends solely on the reseller, with respect to prices, the company they resell for and services provided. I'm a Reseller for Godaddy I sell the exact services that they do at the same prices, and in the beginning when I now started out as a reseller most of customers signed with me because I was with Godaddy. That is why I said earlier that it's unfortunate that resellers don't say that they resell for a particular company. Ok now back to stating the advantages.

Now forgive me if this sounds like self promotion ( well actually it is a little) but I'm really trying to drive a point. I resell Godaddy services at the same price that are stated on the Godaddy website, all my customers domains ,websites, email accounts etc. are all hosted and maintained by Staff and Equipment belonging to Godaddy. Hence all my customers get the same standard of reliability, professionalism, and security just as if they bought their services directly off the godaddy website.

Let analyze what we have, services at the same cost, same equipment, same 99.99% reliability, same security, so what's the advantage, well it simply boils down to SUPPORT not just any support but 1&1 SUPPORT.

I know all my customers personally, and they know me personally as well even though I've never met them, and I can assist them on a 1&1 basis simply because my customer base is not nearly as large as Godaddy's. Yes I know what you're thinking Web Hosting Providers give support, which is true but it's not 1&1, it's like comparing teaching a classroom of student in public schools with 40 plus student per class to teaching in private school in which you can get individual attention. At my website and I'm sure at other resellers as well I have two levels of support my customer can get support direct from Godaddy as well as from me. Just as a note the other day I helped one of my customer design a website, I even helped in searching for a good domain name, Can't get that with the bigger companies.

Another advantage is really psychological customer to these big Web Hosting Providers are a dime a dozen but to resellers like myself you're not, every customer is treated as precious as the next, and it makes sense if you think about it. Several resellers also offer specials that their parent company don't , but that's just a few of them including myself( you'll have to sign up for my news letter to see what I'm talking about).

In closing the next time or even you're first time in searching for domains , domain registration, web hosting packages ,etc. and you happen to come across a reseller contact him/her and see if they worth signing up with it might just be worth your wild.

My name is Keith, I'm the owner of the reseller website http://www.binaryjunction.com You can contact me via my newsletter email on my site.

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