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             26 November, 2020

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Helping the Hiring Gods to "Get You"!

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2006-07-18 21:05:04     
Article by Lynn Kindler

Two clients this week are working on re-creating themselves in terms of what they do for a career. Both have been independently contracting for various projects and jobs as they can. Both have babies on the way! As we explored what their options were for new career paths, I invited them to think about all the people they know and have met in their projects, jobs, through friends, and through extracurricular activities. It is surprising all the connections we each have if we sit down and think about it.

Once you've narrowed down your list of people who have jobs or connections into jobs that you are interested in exploring, seek ways that you can learn as much information about the people in the job(s) and what the jobs are about. In some cases, you may want to ask the person if they would be available for a 15-minute conversation with you so you could talk with them about what they do (because you are exploring the career you want to create). I've written previously about VocationVacations which is an excellent way to check out the career of your dreams without leaving your current job.

When possible, create the opportunity to meet with a decision maker where you would like to work. Do your homework first and use Google to gather information about the company. Talk with people who either work at the place or know about the place when possible. Look at your credentials: your skills, your experience, your education. If you feel that you are a perfect fit for them, then take the extra step by using their language. Also, have several examples at the initial point of contact, so you will be ready and prepared to tell them about you and how you can help them. Understand their mission and what they want to accomplish. When I say "use their language" I mean, look at their website, talk with their people, look at their literature when available and pay attention to how they tell the story about things that you can do too. Use their language to tell them what you do and help them to see why you are an obvious choice.

If you take the time in taking the extra steps to find out information about the place(s) or environment that you'd like to work, you will be that much further ahead of the rest of the pack. Trust me. If nothing else, you will know more about the place that you'd like to work and will be that much more aware of what you have to offer them (or places similar to them). Remember that no matter who you are going to talk with about a job and no matter how vunderbaugh the job is, you are going to be interacting with HUMANS. No matter how busy they are, no matter how much time they may or may not have for you---I believe at some level, they will "get it" when you help them to "get you" because you have shown them that you “get them”.

If you're having trouble figuring out what you have to offer, than consider contacting a Coach so that you can explore what gifts you have available at your fingertips to help you lead the life you want to live.

In the meantime, if you feel a "connection" with someone when you're out pay attention to them and follow it through. You never know who that person knows or is a link to for you.

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