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Murals - New Hot Trend for Home

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2007-08-14 17:48:56     
Article by Jason A Miller

Mural painting is a dramatic and affordable way to customize or transform an interior or exterior space. A mural is a one-of-a-kind work of art that is uniquely tailored to the desire of the client as interpreted through the expert hand and eye of the skilled artist. Murals are perhaps the most unique way to decorate both inside and outside the home or office. Unlike mass-produced wallpaper or flat paint, they are created purely from the imaginations of homeowners and artists. In the past, murals have mainly been accessible only to the very rich, but now the art form is available to anyone who wishes to have an original work of art for their home

With the rise in popularity of murals there is a great demand for mural artists. Many people don't know where to begin their search for the right mural artist. Sites such as FindaMuralist.com have fueled the connection between client and muralist. Find a Muralist.com (FAM) is a web referral service whose purpose is to simplify the way clients seeking murals locate artists best qualified to serve their specific needs. Find a Muralist is also an on-line community of muralists, offering a wide array of resources and information to the artist, beyond actual referrals. Find a Muralist is the only online mural painting community of its kind.

Find a Muralist has put together an ever-expanding network of accomplished mural painters whose work is easily accessible to prospective clients and those who are simply browsing. Find a Muralist invites you to explore their portfolio of artists' work. They make it easy for you to select the artist who will paint that special mural for your home or office. FAM connects the client to the most qualified artist in 3 easy steps; The client specifies the mural category such as Children's Murals, Wall Murals, Commercial Building Murals, Trompe L'Oeil Murals or Castle Murals . The client then specifies the dimensions of the mural, the project location, expected time of completion and estimated budget. FAM then generates a list of 3 qualified mural artists in the client's vicinity. In many cases, the client can receive free price estimates from each of the artists. Also, FAM goes the extra mile by making a follow up phone call with the client first, to make certain they get more specific information about the client's project, to help them find the right muralist

Find a Muralist understands the importance of finding the right muralist for the job and they understand the time that goes into researching the mural artist and the artist's work. That is why Find a Muralist has developed a portfolio for every artist showcasing the artist and their work. This user friendly site allows the client to navigate through pages such as Most Recent Murals , Most Discussed and Highest Rated Murals and the Top Rated Muralists work of each artist by state. Find a Muralist strives to connect the right mural artist to the client. You can view a picture of the artist's work and an image of the artist's face before you enter their profile. Just an image of the artists face gives the client a sense of client interaction and familiarity. The client can read the personal biography of the artist acquaint themselves with the painting styles and review these styles showcased on the same page. The client can get an idea of other jobs the artist has had by viewing the artists resume.

Find a Muralist also features mural artists' work by category. They showcase each of the top mural categories. The highest searched mural categories include:

• Flower Mural

• Nature Mural

• Tropical Mural

• Sunset Mural

• Beach Mural

• Commercial Mural

• Landscape Mural

• Nursery Mural

• Children Mural

• Garden Mural

• Fantasy Mural

• Sky Mural

• Wildlife Mural

• Sports Mural

It is important that the client likes the work of the artist they choose as that will often ensure that they will like the mural the artist paints. Find a Muralist allows the client to social bookmark the artist, rate and make comments about the artist and their work. This is not only beneficial to the client but it is also beneficial to the artist.

Find a Muralist provides the mural artist with the highest volume of visibility for the most reasonable price. At the basic level, the muralist has his or her own portfolio page with a minimum of eight of their mural images and personal profile that they maintain. Find a Muralist also provides each muralist's page with up front positioning on all the major search engines. In addition to providing the mural artists with their own personal website within a website.

As a muralist of the Find a Muralist network, you receive pre-screened leads from prospective clients searching for a mural artist. You can participate in muralist community forums where you can both learn from and inform other artists. We offer features such as Brush Tips , updated ideas about better approaches to your projects and the latest word on new materials and techniques.

The Find a Muralist directory is a free search utility that matches local people with local muralists. If you are looking for a muralist, simply search the directory to find a mural artist in your area. Then check out that artist's portfolio page displaying examples of his or her work. Feel free to search other muralists' pages as well, or search by category, to get inspired by what others have done.

Find a Muralist was created and produced by a mural painter who felt she could better serve her business by harnessing the power of the web. In creating this community, the costs are low and the opportunities are endless.

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