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Are Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems Ideal Or Are There Better Filtration Methods Available?

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2007-08-14 17:48:11     
Article by Martin Spencer

Residential reverse osmosis systems first became commonplace in the early seventies. Originally developed for industrial use, they were soon marketed to the general public due to the sudden outcry for purified drinking water. From there the popularity of these water filtration systems grew dramatically.

The RO water filtration systems were originally developed for the printing and photography processing industries, which require water that is free of minerals. In the late 70's in response to the demand for cleaner, healthier water, reverse osmosis home systems were marketed to the public.

The popularity of residential RO systems has lessened considerably over the last several years. The biggest reason for this decrease in popularity is the fact that the these filtration methods actually strip the water of valuable, healthy, organic minerals. By contrast, some of the harmful chemicals that need to be filtered out are untouched by this water filtration method.

The way that reverse osmosis home systems work is fairly simple to understand. This filtration system is based on the molecular make up of water and its contaminants. Most minerals and certain organic contaminants are made up of larger molecules than water, and therefore do not pass through the filter. Unfortunately, the science of the membrane is not exact, and many of the actual water molecules that pass through the filter will be rejected, causing a significant increase in water waste.

The residential reverse osmosis system uses a thin membrane with small pores that allow the water to pass through the filter. Under high pressure, water is pulled through this filter. The contaminants and minerals that are made up of larger molecules than the water are filtered out. However, most synthetic, harmful chemicals such as pesticides are smaller in molecular nature than water molecules, and therefore pass through the filter into your drinking water undetected.

There are two main problems with the reverse osmosis home systems. The first major problem is that the natural minerals in the water are stripped out by the membrane, or filter. These minerals are natural, and a healthy part of our diet. Stripping these valuable minerals from our water only requires us to gain them from another source, such as a multi-vitamin. As any nutritional expert will tell you, organic is better than synthetic when it comes to vitamins and minerals.

The second major problem with the residential reverse osmosis systems is that they do not strip the water of the harmful synthetic chemicals found in most tap water. These chemicals include chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides. In order to clean the water of these harmful chemicals, another (carbon based) filter is needed in addition to the RO component

Both of these problems are solved with multi-stage water filtration systems. These home filtration systems are equipped with two filters rather than one. The first filter cleans the water of chlorine, and restores the PH balance of the water. The second filter cleans the water of synthetic and organic contaminants that could harm you and your family.

These filters are much better than reverse osmosis home systems because they clean the water of all harmful chemicals, not just the organic contaminants. They are also much better because the organic, healthful minerals that are in the water are not removed. Additionally, these systems will actually save you on your water bill, because they do not waste water through the filtration process.

In the end, you can restore health to your family, money to your wallet, and water to your home with other types of water filtration systems. With the health risks involved as well as the cost, it is no wonder that residential reverse osmosis systems are no longer in widespread use.

Martin Spencer is a health researcher who has been studying water filtration for over 25 years. He is a regular contributor to Water Filtration Guide, a site dedicated to various methods of treating and purifying water. Learn about reverse osmosis home systems on our site.

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