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             23 January, 2021

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3 Things You'll See In Assisted Living In The Year 2020

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2007-08-14 17:44:02     
Article by Stacey Crevoiserat

Although we'd like to think that in the year 2020 we'll all be invincible and have no need for assisted living, chances are this wont be the case. However, assisted living facilities, like everything else around us, continue to evolve every day. So what should we expect from these facilities in the future?

1. Current health care services are expanding to meet the various needs of America's growing elderly population. That being said assisted living will remain to be very popular because it offers the perfect blend of privacy, independence, and personal care. What will not stay the same is how these facilities look, feel, and are run. As the elderly population continues to grow these facilities will look less and less like nursing homes and more and more like upscale communities, and lets be honest, who doesn't want to live in an upscale community?

2. Residents of these facilities will demand, and probably be granted more involvement and control in how the facility is run. Rather then just going along with the set schedule and prepared activities the residents themselves will have more control over what happens, when, and how often. And chances are, as the facility community changes and evolves, so will the desired activities. For example, for a few years the majority of residents may prefer to watch enjoyable movies together, hang out and eat popcorn and having an old fashioned movie night, then as new residents move in the general consensus might change to be that it's more fun to play... BINGO!

3. But the biggest change of all will be the role technology will play in assisted living facilities. New gadgets will aid in the general management of the facility and the care of its residence, allowing care givers to offer a higher level of care while still respecting the privacy that makes assisted living what it is.

a. Advancements in monitoring technologies will allow facilities to have things such as remote sensing to help the staff ensure that all residents are safe and not in need of assistance.

b. Tasks that can be found difficult for some residents, such as opening doors and turning lights on and off, can be automated for them! Also, systems will be in place to give auditory reminders or instructions to individuals who need help remember things. For example, maybe a resident would like to go play cards with a friend on the patio tomorrow at 2pm, they can set the system to remind them tomorrow afternoon! One thing that's expected to become very common place is a talking pill box, reminding you when to take what pills!

c. There will also be very easy and dependable alert systems allowing all residents to promptly call for help anytime they need. This will bring a new level of safety and general care to all assisted living facilities.

Stacey Crevoiserat represents The Lake Shore, a respectable assisted living facility located in the heart of Long Island in the beautiful Lake Ronkonkoma where residents can enjoy the great outdoors, fishing, shopping and many other facility activities. The Lake Shore offers a friendly atmosphere with many great activities and top of the line facility staff.

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