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Network Marketing Top Earner's Secret Cash Cow

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2007-08-13 17:45:42     
Article by Greg D Taylor

Most people that join a Network marketing business are told to make a list of 50 to 100 people they know and start contacting each of them to invite them to join their business. Many people have joined several different companies and failed so they tell their upline they have burned out their warm market so they are told to buy MLM leads. A good networker will recruit 2-5 out of 100 prospects. This business model is based on you knowing a whole lot of people and walking around with a contract in your hand asking people to join you. Experienced networkers will tell you that out of those few that join, some will pay to join and that will be the only thing they accomplish. Income looks far off in this business model.

The top MLM earners use the same business model as fortune 500 companies. They have a professional marketing funnel that creates cash flow and a constant flow of prospects wanting to join their MLM program. They have a system to attract targeted prospects/customers. The secret is getting out more now and you may have seen the term attraction marketing. Before I explain the sales funnel, let me show you an analogy that will help you understand the difference of the business model you are using and the business model of the top earners in this industry.

You have a store and you only sell one item. There are tons of people that visit your store and they like you because you are sooo nice. All of these customers have money and they looove to buy things!

The problem is you only sell paper. Thousands of customers visit your store every day but most don't buy anything because they don't want paper.

Now a sharp business person opens a store right across the street from your store and they have everything in this place. They have clothing, household items, groceries, hardware, shoes, and everything else people want to buy. In this analogy their are 2 stores and both have lots of traffic. With all things being equal, the 2nd store is maximizing profits on the exact same traffic.

The sales funnel business model is simply bringing traffic to the funnel usually by offering something of value or interest for FREE. In this process an item of interest is offered as a retail purchase. They make a small retail purchase and now become a trusting customer and sometimes their are other larger retail purchases involved but there is definitely an invitation to a monthy or recurring payment purchase offered.

This model as it relates to Network marketing looks like this: Inquiries/Leads/Opt-ins enter the funnel.

They sign up for free newsletter or a free report of how to explode their downline, or a free report on how to explode their downline using a system(using the sales funnel). In this free info they learn about an E-book they can purchase for $29.00 that shares the step-by-step downline building techniques that are guaranteed to work. They purchase the e-book from you and they love you because the info works and their group grows like crazy so they are so happy they found you. They love getting your automated e-mails and when they see the offer to join a monthly lead program with you they sign up that day and tell all their team members about it also. These people are happy with their MLM but some of the others contact you and ask what you are doing and want to join your MLM program with the executive order and monthly autoship.

With this business model you can make money on the 98% that will say NO to your MLM. Network marketers always want to buy tools, books and audios on how to be successful, and leads to build their business. This business model creates cash flow so you can have a business. There are 14 million Networkers in the US alone. Most of them spend money on the items above to build their business.

When customers come in your store with money ready to buy, do you think it is smart to offer items they WANT to purchase? Do not leave all of your money and profits on the table!

Greg Taylor is an Expert Internet Network Marketer. "Learn How To Make $10,717 In Less Than a Week While Quickly And Easily EXPLODING Your Network Marketing Organization Without EVER Buying a Single Lead?" http://www.easymlmprofitsinfo.com

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