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             26 October, 2021

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Aerobic Exercise - The Benefits You Don't Want To Miss

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2007-08-11 17:37:41     
Article by Marie Gervacio

Today's complex world hands us stressors from all angles. Communication and transportation systems have "brought the world to our feet". Food that is not readily available in one area is shipped in from another. Processing plants invent new snacks to tempt our palettes. Our minds are required to work harder than our bodies in service-related rather than production-related jobs. It seems a daily competition keeping up with ideals set up for us by the media and society. These modern-day conveniences could be the death of us all, if we let them.

These conveniences should be the advantage they were meant to be. Truly, they can be as long as we remain in control rather than being controlled. Eustress is a term referring to the stressors which have a positive effect on our lives. There are three personality traits which have been identified with individuals who most often experience eustress which are commitment, control, and challenge. These people are committed to self, work family and other important values. They have control over their lives and have the ability to see change as a challenge to conquer.

It's easy to be controlled, hide from challenge and lose commitment. What we all need is a weapon to win this battle of control over our bodies and our life. An aerobics program would prove a strong front line.

Heart attacks are more common now than ever before. This is strong evidence that stress is winning the battle over our bodies. Aerobics most important role is that of a builder of cardiovascular endurance. What better frontal attack can we ask for since maintaining an aerobics program will strengthen us against heart attacks?

Aerobic exercise is more than a frontal attack method; it's great to "maintain the peace". Numerous studies have been done that show correlations between aerobic exercise and the positive effect of controlling anxiety. Discover another of aerobic exercises benefits: a lowered resting heart rate.

There are two reasons for this effect. First, being aerobically fit causes a slight increase in the size of the heart which in turn makes it stronger and more efficient. More blood, then, is pumped per beat which translates into the heart beating fewer times per minute. Secondly, when the resting heart rate decreases, it tends to stay down even under stressful conditions which otherwise may have elevated it. Maintaining the peace, keeping cool, aerobics can help us to gain some peace and control.

Building cardiovascular endurance and at the same time lowering heart rate can help us take control of our bodies and our lives. In fact, it's easier to prevent something from happening then to cure it once it has happened. Some researchers feel, though that if one exercises at the end of a very stressful day, aerobic activity can help dissipate stress by removing the accumulated adrenal secretions from a tension-filled day. They maintain that exercise acts nature's waste removal process and helps the body return to a more relaxed, balanced state. Aerobic exercise in this sense relaxes us even after we have fought the battle.

Stressors never rest. If this is true, than our battle for control is a never-ending one. Aerobic exercise should then be our companion for life. Truly it is something that should be ingrained in us from early childhood, just as brushing our teeth. It certainly could make the difference between life and death.

Marie Gervacio is a Renaissance woman. Webmistress, artist, writer, entrepreneur and success coach. Her first site http://www.shineyourstar.com has been online since 2003. Find more articles and resources at http://www.mariegervacio.com

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