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             13 May, 2021

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Tap Your Creative Potential

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2006-07-18 00:33:24     
Article by Robert Prentice

Deep within each of us lies a great wealth of creative potential, and I believe tapping into this potential is the best way to solve the challenges that we encounter in our lives. Let me share a story that illustrates my point.

A lady takes her pet chihuahua with her on a safari holiday. Wandering too far one day, the chihuahua gets lost in the bush and soon encounters a very hungry looking leopard. The chihuahua realizes he’s in trouble, but, noticing some fresh bones on the ground, he settles down to chew on them, with his back to the big cat. As the leopard is about to leap, the chihuahua smacks his lips and exclaims loudly, “Boy, that was one delicious leopard. I wonder if there are any more around here!” The leopard stops mid-stride, and slinks away into the trees.

“Phew,” says the leopard, “that was close - that evil little dog nearly had me.”

A monkey nearby sees everything and thinks he’ll win a favor by putting the stupid leopard straight. The chihuahua sees the monkey go after the leopard, and guesses he might be up to no good. When the leopard hears the monkey’s story he feels angry at being made a fool, and offers the monkey a ride back to see him exact his revenge.

The little dog sees them approaching and fears the worst. Thinking quickly, the little dog turns his back, pretends not to notice them, and when the pair are within earshot says aloud, “Now where’s that monkey got to? I sent him ages ago to bring me another leopard....”

What a wonderful story to illustrate how with just a little extra thought and some creative thinking we can keep the “monkey off our back” and the “leopards at bay!” I challenge you to think differently about the issues you are facing in your life this year. Gather all the facts, be constructively discontent with those facts and do some brainstorming and green-light thinking. Then, simply write out an action plan to live a richer, fuller and happier life. Take action on the plan!

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