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             15 April, 2021

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Feel and Look Younger - Let Your Own Stem Cells Work for You

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2007-08-08 17:14:37     
Article by Jackie Benson

Since we live in a youth and beauty oriented culture, how we look has become more important than how we feel, but we should be able to have the best of both. Ponce de Leon, the Spanish conquistador, searched for the Fountain of Youth in the southeastern section of North America but didn't find anything. If he would have travelled as far as Oregon he may have hit on something big. A natural botanical, a type of blue-green algae, was there for the taking in Klamath Lake. Indiginous peoples had been consuming it for centuries with amazing health results. Now science has been able to document how and why this botanical does what it does.

The answer to the riddle? Adult Stem Cells. Because of very recent scientific advancements, scientists have established that this botanical enhances the release of the body's own adult stem cells and also helps them target areas in need of repair, regeneration and renewal. This process helps turn back the tide of time, gets us to an optimal level of health and comfort and generally makes or keeps you feeling young at heart, mind and body. All this in one natural product, produced by the master of all makers, Nature. This botanical referred to as AFA has been on the market in the United States since 1982 with great results.

Blue-green algae has been around since the primordial soup, but not all kinds are edible and not all kinds are created equal. Only AFA has been shown to do the renewal and regeneration that so many of us so badly need and want. Skin, muscle, joints, bones, and organs are renewed and kept in optimal health, even hair color is reported to naturally go from grey to the natural color of your youth after consuming AFA over a period of time. A whole food, AFA has been marketed in many forms and recently has been concentrated so you get better results while consuming less! What more could you ask for in an anti-aging, youth renewing product?

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