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Low Fat Cooking that Tastes Great

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2007-08-08 17:13:27     
Article by Chris Jonas

Eating low fat foods does not mean all the taste and flavor that you love has to be eliminated. It does require you to change the way that you prepare your meals though. For example if you plan on eating chicken you should take a close look at grilling it instead of frying it. The change will still give you delicious chicken that offers plenty of protein. However you will not end up with all the fat from frying the chicken.

Lean meats, fish, and fresh vegetables should all be a large part of your low fat cooking experiences. These foods are low in fat but they contain a high amount of essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. If you are having a hard time with the transformation from fatty foods to those low in fat consider spicing up the meals with various seasonings and herbs. You can also make a delicious fresh salsa from tomatoes, onions, chilies, and seasonings.

Keep in mind that eating some fat is good for you as well. The secret is to keep a healthy balance between what fats you eat and the better food selection items. If you deprive yourself of all fats you will become unsatisfied with your food selections. However most people find low fat cooking helps them shed pounds, feel better mentally, and sleep better. They often exercise more as well because they feel a surge of energy that comes from eating less fat.

A very subtle but effective change for low fat cooking is to replace butter with Pam cooking spray. Butter is very high in fat but eliminating it completely can cause foods to stick to the pan and that makes cooking a complete disaster. Making small changes like this should not make you feel like you have given up any flavor in your food what so ever.

One of the hardest areas for people to eliminate from their diet is sweets that are high in fat. There are some great low fat recipes that you can try to satisfy your sweet tooth. Many of them offer you the chance to eat plenty of fresh fruits. Instead of eating ice cream serve fresh fruit with yogurt. Try sautéed peaches, apples, or bananas with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg to sweeten it up.

There are plenty of excellent low fat cooking recipes you can choose from out there. Do not be afraid to experiment with new ones. You will enjoy low fat cooking much better if you eat a wide variety of foods. Look for recipe books and online sites that provide you with delicious main courses, side dishes, and even desserts that are all low in fat. Eating healthy can still be fun and delicious.

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