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             18 January, 2022

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High-Performance Computing On A Shoestring

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2007-08-02 11:45:16     
Article by Zach Hope

I just love to save money when it comes to PCs. It is so satisfying to never have called out a tech guy to sort out errors because you can sort them out all by yourself. People I know throw away an amazing amount of money on computers - they get the cutting edge technology as soon as it comes out and then after a short time it is out of date. In contrast, I only purchase the best value equipment and keep them well maintained so that it is just as powerful as other more expensive computers.

When it comes to PCs, there is a rule of thumb that says that the cost of performance halves every 12-18 months. As far as I'm concerned, this translates as if you really want the latest and greatest technology just exercise a little patience. You will get it sooner or later, and you'll save loads of money, depending on just how patient you can be. As they say great things come to those who wait, and that is definitely the case with computers.

The trick is to combine this rule of thumb with another that PCs are faster when they are correctly set up.

The result is that:
1. You will save $100s per annum as you are letting prices go down before purchasing.
2. Your system is always performing at its best and thus often running quicker than more expensive PCs with more advanced specifications.

It is a simple piece of knowledge that most people don't ever think about. When you see adverts for the up and coming PCs they without fail tell you just how powerful they are. They never tell you the truth which is your current system is only operating at a fraction of its potential speed.

Maybe it's because there is more money to be made by selling another system, than repairing your old one. In the UK the computer store PC World now has a department called the Tech Guys. If you ask me they ask for a small fortune when you think that some of the solutions can be executed by the average home user if they just were given the secrets. Worse still, I read an article in the Times newspaper that said inexpensive errors are being misdiagnosed as more expensive repair work. I get the impression that they are using the Tech Guys as a ploy to get people to go for unnecessary upgrades.

Zach Hope is the owner of Speed-Up-Windows-XP.com , a site that shows how to cure a really slow computer. Before you buy your RAM or upgrade your processor, you should consider trying to speed up Windows XP. Visit Speed-Up-Windows-XP.com now to Speed up XP and you could save you $1000s by avoiding unnecessary PC upgrades.

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URL: http://www.speed-up-windows-xp.com
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