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Why Upgrade to a Flat Screen Monitor?

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2007-08-01 10:32:37     
Article by Mick Stafford

Usually when people buy a computer they forget all about the quality and performance of the Monitor, they just think "I'll get that one" ,usually the monitor looks good and people do not realize that the Monitor they may be getting is not so good.

Flat Screen Monitors have taken over nearly every ones homes, like Flat Screen TVs they are practically in every home now. They look better; they usually perform better depending on which one you get. When buying a monitor you need to think about the refresh rate, the resolution it is capable of and the size of the Monitor.

A Flat Screen Monitor is usually in every home because it looks better, it saves a lot of space with it being so small and flat, it had a better display than CTR Monitors because the Flat Screen stops light hitting it so much making it easier to view.

Resolutions depend on 2 things, one the Monitor, and two the Graphics card, if you have a good Monitor and a good Graphics Card then your resolution will be far better than say a cheaper Monitor and Graphics Card.

Although flat screen monitors are more expensive than CTR the quality and space saving aspect of them more than justify there price tag, for example a CTR monitor may weight more and be difficult to move around, not to mention the fact that it takes up a huge amount of desk space, Flat Panel monitors are light so you can reposition them very easily in your office space and they also take up less desk space which means you can add additional computer peripherals into that space.

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