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             27 June, 2022

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Help Desk Outsourcing - A Necessary Evil?

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2007-07-28 10:31:56     
Article by David Faulkner

Business are always looking for ways to improve their bottom lines, and one of the latest cost-cutting methods to find favor is help desk outsourcing. Help desk outsourcing allows a company struggling with diminishing revenues streams to streamline by focusing on the improvement of its core business operations and letting outsource providers handle the peripheral ones.

While many people with the "America First, Last, And Always" mindset may disagree, the notion that outsourcing help desk operations from fully developed economies to those of developing countries is not only necessary for the survival of many American businesses; it is in keeping with the philosophy which led to the colonization of the New World over half a millennium ago.

American companies which have adopted help desk outsourcing as part of an overall outsourcing program can cut their labor expenses by more than seventy percent, yet still receive the same revenue from the services provided by the outsource workers. This translates to an immediate increase the positive cash flow of these companies, which is the only way for them to ensure their survival.

Why Companies Outsource

A US company can spend several thousands of dollars each month simply to maintain each of its workstations; and instead of pouring more money into this sort of help desk workstation maintenance, companies have turned to help desk outsourcing as a way to bolster their staffs without the accompanying maintenance costs. The big advantage of help desk outsourcing is that it removes the effort involved in work station support. But it also raises the company's level of help desk performance, by employing a well-prepared workforce who are both effective and quick in completing their tasks.

Any company who is considering help desk outsourcing, however, has to first brainstorm for the most workable plan, research to find the best supplier, and establish a solid level of communication with the help desk outsource workforce to get a clear picture of how well they are handling the job.

The Risks Of Help Desk Outsourcing

Because the help desk is the public face of a company, interacting directly with its customers, the help desk outsource team has to be conscious at all times of what is required, and keep the customers' interests as their priorities. Entering into a help desk outsourcing agreement which does not spell out exactly what level of performance is expected, and what the consequences will be if it is not met, can be a very costly mistake.

Add to that the security risks involved in help desk outsourcing, and the necessity for SLAs, or service level agreements, between a company and its help desk outsourcing provider seems clear.

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