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Practical Tips For New Models - TFP vs Paid

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2007-07-17 11:17:09     
Article by Stefan Orenda

Chances are that if you are pursuing modeling seriously you would like to make money doing it. There is no reason you cannot achieve that goal if you don't shoot yourself in the foot in the beginning. One of the biggest misconceptions I see with many new models is the belief that pretty = money. It don't!

Yes there is no shortage of "photographers" out there that are willing to pay up to shoot a pretty girl. But the path to getting paid for standing in front of a camera and the path to being a model are not the same.

Modeling is like any other job, you get paid based on ability, experience and performance. You would not expect to walk into a business with a blank resume and get a corner office and a six figure salary because you're in a suit, don't expect it in modeling. Your portfolio is your resume and when you are starting out you need to fill it with QUALITY experience.

SIDE NOTE: The key here is QUALITY. Remember the worst photo in your portfolio is the ONLY photo in your portfolio. It is the lowest common denominator by which potential jobs will judge you.

Back to the topic! The best way to get experience and build your portfolio is doing TFP or Time For Print (also called TFCD and TFD[isk]) and sometimes called TFT, Trade For Time. Whatever it is called it means you model in exchange for the photographers time and the resulting photos.

This does not mean you cannot get paid work as well, you most certainly can and will receive numerous offers. But you have to consider at your career as well as your pocket. Just look at it this way. If you are doing a photo shoot you should be getting something out of it, either money or furthering your career and very often TFP's can be far more valuble of an opportuity.

So ALWAYS consider TFP if an opportunity arises to get great photos for your portfolio or perhaps work with a name photographer. Also watch for TFP opportunities that get you exposure. If you are serious about modeling, getting your name and face in front of a lot of people is invaluable to your career.

On the flip side, don't waste your time either. If you are contacted to shoot and you feel that the photos will not be worthy of your portfolio or there is no real exposure then you should ask for reasonable compensation.

Even after you have made a name for yourself and achieve a level of success never turn your nose up at a good TFP job that could further your career in some way.

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