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The Importance of Keywords While Making Money With Articles

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2007-07-15 18:13:30     
Article by Barry Sheppard

The placement and density of keywords are an essential part of optimizing your articles for search engines. To ensure that your article comes up when someone searches for one of your keywords is very important, as search engine spiders will scan a page in such a way as to recognize and detect your keywords.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word, which is placed into your article several different times, although, not just once as that would equal to every word becoming a keyword. However, when a search engine spider finds that, you have a particular word placed in several different places within your article; it will decide that your page must be useful for any user that searches for a particular keyword.

Never Over Optimize Your Articles

You should keep in mind that there is such a thing as going overboard by over optimizing your articles with specific words, which is also know as keyword stuffing. Search engine spiders have excellent programming and if they find that you have used keyword stuffing, they will consider that you are attempting to trick them into placing your article high in the search engine results for that particular word, consequently this can cause them to penalize your website as well as your page for doing so. It is even probable that this will affect the ranking of all your other pages and can even cause your site to be blacklisted from that particular search engine, if you are found to overindulge in keyword stuffing.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density refers to how many times the keyword you have placed in your article is used. Most writers will use a percentage to figure out how many times a keyword is inserted into an article. Let us say that you are writing a 500-word article and your goal is a keyword density of five percent, therefore you will require the keyword to be woven into your article twenty-five times. There are a good number of guides and resources that recommend one keyword density over another, as well as their reasoning of doing so. Although, when all is said and done it is you who will decide which is the most profitable for your written articles.

Based on their past results each webmaster will decide their own keyword density. As long as the articles are not over optimized and bring in a good profit from the search engines rankings, you can chose the density that is best for your keywords.

Choosing the Right Density

Using the right keyword density in your articles will create a nice income flow, as it will cause your article to rise within the results of the search engines, thereby being viewable to many more individuals. Remember it is essential to place your keywords so that there are more of them at the beginning and the end of the article to produce an hourglass effect, no matter how rich a density you choose.

About the Author

Publishing pro and author/filmmaker Barry Sheppard has written and published many books with hundreds of reviews in newspapers, TV and radio. He is now concentrating on eBook writing/publishing and starting his own television station. http://www.novelmaster.com

Specialized in: Novel Writing
URL: http://www.novelmaster.com
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