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             12 May, 2021

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Flying Down-Under

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2007-07-12 10:03:29     
Article by Jimmy White

Have you got the traveler's itch? You know, that mild but persistent irritation perpetual tourists suffer from, accompanying staying in the same place for too long. Australia, with its plethora of natural beauty and man-made attractions, is like a siren song to many a wonderer. Alternatively, perhaps, you are related to one of the many Brits that has chosen a life in the sun and simply want to visit them. Whatever the lure, while Australia is indeed a fantastic place for a holiday, it is not exactly a stone's throw away and flight prices certainly reflect this fact.

A flight from London Heathrow to Sydney and back will cover 33698 kilometres. For a ticket in July, British summer - Australian winter, you will pay anything from £1245.90 (Air New Zealand) to £888.47 (China Eastern Airlines). Around £228.90 of the latter fare is made up of taxes and fees. In these modern times where environment issues loom large, it may also interest you to know that each person making a return trip between the UK and Australia produces an estimated 3.71 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which, as a greenhouse gas, is a chief cause of global warming.

Well, that's the doom and gloom of exorbitant fees and environmental concerns out the way; you have decided that you want to go - what about getting a good deal on your flight? Shop around. Then shop around some more. There really are great deals available, saving you hundreds of pounds, especially if you are not too concerned about which airline you fly with, excessive travel time or stopping over in another country along the way; some find this simply adds to the excitement of their holiday. Having said that, a direct journey to Australia is wearisome enough alone, taking about 25 hours, without the additional hassle of spending a night in the uncomfortable airport of a city you hardly knew existed. However, contemplate this; a 3 hour stop over could save you around £270, which works out at £90/hour - a respectable hourly wage by anyone's standards.

This is all very well and good but shopping around for bargains takes time and time is money. No fear. The online world is now filled to bursting with time-saving price comparison sites. Simply enter where you wish to fly from and to, along with the dates that you wish to travel and hey presto, you are presented with a range of ticket prices from different operators. Cheapflights.co.uk is just one good example of a site providing such a service.

Now, time for my final parting tip, if you really wish to save money why not try travelling from one of the smaller airports such as Birmingham? Inexplicably flights from this location are often cheaper than from Heathrow or even Gatwick. Perhaps it is because of reduced demand for long-haul flights in this region, whatever the reason, cash-in if you can.

Good luck finding a great deal and most of all, once you are there, be sure to have the time of your life.

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