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             24 October, 2020

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2007-07-10 11:07:46     
Article by Vanessa Brown II

Why is this concept so very difficult for people to understand. I think I was a teenager when I had my first dose of this medicine. I was extremely unfair to person and a couple years later this exact same thing happen to me. Except I was on the receiving side (the unfairness). I thought how ironic what I did to someone came right back to me. What I find amazing is. I realize this concept early in life. Why is that people can never grasp this concept. Or do they and just choose to ignore it.

God said love everyone and even your enemies. However, thats surprisingly, limits a large amount of people. So I said just be kind to people. Don't go around getting smart with people when they are in your way. Even its proven that people purposely cut you off driving a car or shopping carts. Let it go!! Let it go!! What is really going to happen. You have to wait a little longer. Smile and say help yourself. Wave at the driver and tell them by all means you go first. When its all over you are still the same person.

If we all starting working together on kindness. I know this will rub off on our children. We won't have a generation of selfish children. They will know how to be kind. I am in practice of this procedure for the rest of life. I recently had a dental appointment. I don't particular care to go. However when the Dentist was finish giving me a shot, putting my new crown on. Thank you very much for giving me pain , no I told him thank you very much. I never thank my dentist before because I generally feel worse when I come out of his office.. But I thought it about he is saving my tooth with his time, and he did do it correctly. Well the next day at work the Dentist himself called to see if I was okay. Then I thought about it I never, thank my doctor either. This is a new trend for me, if someone is taking out their time with you and they do the job correctly. It's okay to thank them even if you are paying for it.

Lets try to be a kinder and more polite to each other.

Vanessa A Brown


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