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Your Spirit Guides Called They Said, Get a Business Plan

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2007-07-10 11:07:36     
Article by Anne Kelly

The same gifts of intuition and healing that inspired holistic entrepreneur Allison, to create her own business almost proved to be her downfall. As a natural healer, Allison was prone to under pricing her services, going with the flow, and running her business with her heart only, not her mind.

Allison's method of doing business is common in the clients I coach. She is intuitive, creative, and great at her healing skills, yet she needed some practical support to run her business and earn a living. Holistic entrepreneurs are by nature drawn to helping others. With a shift in perception, most can also earn a good living while doing what they love to do.

I have coached many clients who are either starting out in business or wanting to take their existing business to the next level. Often, they have little or no business plan in place to support their growth. For holistic entrepreneurs, business planning can seem counterintuitive, painful, and unnecessary. On the contrary, it sets them up to create exactly the business they want.

Allison, for instance, had created a great new product, yet had no business or marketing plan to launch the new idea. The creativity and work ethic were there, but not a detailed plan on how to bring the product to market. To move forward, I urge you to create a detailed plan designed to get your "feet on the ground."

Here are just a few of the most important parts of a good business planning:

Identify an ideal client - Narrowing in on an ideal client niche makes marketing much easier because you understand and solve the problems experienced by a specific clientele. Examples of a niche are "yoga for over-50" or "holistic care for pets."

Create a business plan - There are many good templates available; find one and put into writing the vision, mission, marketing plan, clientele, strength and weakness analysis, and financial prospects for your business. If this sounds intimidating, seek support from your local Small Business Development Center or Chamber of Commerce, take a class, or work with a mentor/coach. As with most new undertakings, getting started is half the battle.

Be ruthless with your time - Say yes to work that supports your business plan and places you in front of your ideal clients. Say no to all else. There is a big difference between making progress toward specific goals and just staying busy all day. For each task, ask yourself, "Is this bringing me closer to the goals identified in my business plan?"

Develop a marketing funnel - Remember Allison? Her product was great, but it did not fit logically into her business. It was a one-hit wonder rather than part of a funnel that would consistently bring her clients. Business improved when Allison created a line of products, from low cost to high cost, each successively building on the next, solving a specific client need, and funneling ideal clients to Allison's ultimate, high-end services and products.

Overcome a dislike of marketing - Many service providers have a difficult time selling their services, because they are the product. Find a marketing method that feels authentic and that consistently places you in front of your ideal client. Then practice that method until it becomes second nature. Give yourself permission to avoid marketing that does not feel authentic.

Get Support - By investing in a coach or mentor, you build in a measure of accountability, and that means faster growth. You will take advantage of their resources and knowledge to move quickly and with ease through the rough patches in beginning or transitioning your business. Did you know that your investment in this service might be tax deductible?

Business planning and holistic services are absolutely compatible. The key is to get started, get support, and use the wonderful gifts holistic entrepreneurs are known for: intuition, creativity, and love of service.

Anne Kelly is a business coach supporting Holistic Entrepreneurs to achieve financial success by making business planning easy and intuitive. Her FREE monthly e-zine shares "how-to" tips and practical spirituality for the small business owner. Learn how to attract new clients, balance work and personal life and live in a spirit of abundance. Subscribe today at http://www.ANewLeafCoaching.com

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