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Road To Success - The Importance Of Goal Setting

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2007-07-10 11:06:12     
Article by Suri Syah

Goal setting is a very important factor that determines your path to success. Success is determined and measured by the goals you have accomplished. Here are some tips on how you can set and achieve your goals:

1.Put your goals into writing. Make a list of your goals. Studies have shown that goals are more motivating when you put them into writing rather than just enumerating them in your mind. When writing your goals, be sure to include your plan of actions and a timeframe.

2.Make a daily check of your goals. Assess yourself if you were able to accomplish your action plans within the timeframe you have set.

3.Take action. Based on your assessment, you can either continue or change your present action plans. If one was not effective, then do find other ways on how you can achieve your goals.

4.Be motivated. You may want to share your goals with your family or close friends. They can motivate and support you in achieving your goals.

5.Be determined. Always be confident that you can achieve the goals that you have set.

It is important that you set goals that are realistic and can be achieved on a specific timeframe. If you set unachievable goals, they may only cause you frustrations.

Remember, success doesn't happen to the uninvolved. Success happens to those who are not only persistent in reaching their goals, but to those who make a decision to reach their goals, get clear on what they want, and already feel themselves victorious in the so called goal setting battle.


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